What is Yellowfin's 'info.jsp' Page?

What is it?

Yellowfin has something of a 'backdoor' system information page that can serve as a one-stop-shop for basic information about your Yellowfin instance. A copy of this page is frequently requested by the Yellowfin Support staff, as it usually serves a necessary first step in diagnosing issues with the program by giving us a good 'first impression' of your system. There is no sensitive information contained in this page. 

How do you get there?

To access the info.jsp page, simply append 'info.jsp' to the end of your standard Yellowfin URL. For example, if you type in 'mycompany.com/reporting' to your browser to get to Yellowfin, accessing the info.jsp page is accomplished by entering 'mycompany.com/reporting/info.jsp'. 

What does it tell you?

There is a lot of complicated looking stuff on that page, what does it all mean? The page is broken out into sections that pertain to specific parts of your instance. 

System Properties: This section describes the basic areas that Yellowfin requires to run. It includes information about the server, operating system, hardware, software, and Java configuration.

Application Details: This gives information about the particular Yellowfin installation. Perhaps the most important part of this section is the line called Current Code Version. When a member of the support staff asks for a build number, this is what they are referring to. (ex. Current Code Version: 20170420)

Locale Information: This describes information pertaining to the various localization modules of Yellowfin

Licence: The licence section is slightly different from the corresponding Licence Management section of the Admin Console accessed via the standard user interface. While it's not as pretty, this licence page gives arguably more information than the one in the UI. If you ever experience an unexplained breach message on the main page, it is recommended you check info.jsp for additional error messages.

JDBC Drivers: This is a list of all of the JDBC drivers that Yellowfin is capable of using.

Path: Displays various operating system path information.

JSP Classpath: Path information for various .jar files Yellowfin requires to operate.

Library Versions: This is a list of the libraries that Yellowfin uses and their current installed versions.

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