How can I reduce or shrink the size of our Yellowfin log file?

By default the Yellowgin.log should only grow to 1024kb and can create up to 9 files at a time before re-cycling. You can change the properties of how the Yellowfin information is logged. 

Logging has been improved in a number of areas in Yellowfin 6.3+. As a result, some of the log files that were previously used are no longer used, and some new log files are now used. One of the main improvements is the use of log4j for handling database logging, which enables us to make use of log-file rotation (jdbc.log should not take up all your disk space any longer!)

The logging configuration is set up in the file, located in the directory Yellowfin/appserver/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/. Feel free to edit the logging configuration to suit your needs.

New installations:

For new installations of Yellowfin, the new logging configuration will come pre-installed. The log files used are:

  • yellowfin.log - main application logging
  • jdbc.log - Yellowfin configuration database connection pool logging
  • source. nnnnn .log - data source connection pool logging. A log file will be created for each data source, using a unique identifier for the data source in the filename.
  • email.log - logging of emails sent from Yellowfin.

Each of these log files will be rotated when they reach 1MB in size, and the most recent 10 files of each will be kept (with a numeric suffix, eg. yellowfin.log.1, yellowfin.log.2 etc)

Note that the main application logging is also copied to the "console", depending on your Operating System. If Yellowfin is installed on Windows, and started as a service, the console is written to stdout_ yyyymmdd .log . If started from the Windows Start Menu, the console is displayed in the Tomcat window. If Yellowfin is installed on Linux/Mac OS X, the console is written to catalina.out.

The file distributed with Yellowfin is attached to this post for reference.

Upgrading from previous versions:

When upgrading from previous versions of Yellowfin, your existing logging configuration will be kept intact. There will be a few changes however, as a result of the updated logging code within Yellowfin. If you were using the standard configuration in previous versions, you will now have all of the above logging sent to the one log file: yellowfin.log. This file is rotated when it reaches 500KB.

To make use the most of the logging changes, you can copy the attached configuration file into your upgraded installation and restart Yellowfin.

Why can I not change the size limitations of the stdout.log or the catalina.out files?

Please review: Limiting the size of stdout.log or catalina.out

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