How do multiple clients run the same report with different data sources?

If each client's data is stored in a separate DB, you can set up data source substitution. For example: 

  • create a data source and view at the default organisation
  • create the global report against this data source
  • create the client-specific data source connection, and set it up to be substituted for the default data source for a particular client
  • log in to the client and run the global report. The client data source will be used instead of the default data source.

For this to work, the data source schema in the client source must match that of the default data source.

If each client's data is stored in a single DB, filtered by some identifier, you can use the client reference ID as an access filter to automatically filter reports based on which client you are logged in to.

Info on how to set this up and examples can be found on our Wiki v7.1 Client Organization Setup and Maintenance

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