Connecting to the Yellowfin Repository DB (web.xml settings)

The Yellowfin DB connection details are stored within the web.xml file, located at :


See section 'Initiate JDBC Connection Pooling - Setup/Configuration' (see below).

      <param-value>Yellowfin Connection Pool</param-value>
      Password to the configuration database connection is encrypted at
      installation time. If you need to change this password, you can set
      the JDBCPasswordEncrypted parameter to false, and store the password
      in plaintext in the JDBCPassword parameter.
Going through this per parameter:

JDBCDriverClass - This tells Yellowfin which JDBC Driver to use to connect to the Configuration Database.

JDBCUrl - This is the connection string to your Config DB.  The general format is:

jdbc:<RDBMStype>://<hostname-ip>:<port>/<databasename>?<extra parameters>
If you need to point your installation to a specific Configuration Database, do so here.

JDBCUser - The username Yellowfin accesses the Configuration Database with.

JDBCPassword - The password Yellowfin supplies to access the database (encrypted by default).

JDBCPasswordEncrypted - This defaults to true.  If you need to change your password, see this post.

Yellowfin DB connection information and events are logged under 'jdbc.log'

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