How do I integrate Yellowfin with my application?

his is a big question to answer, might be better to talk with one of our consultants if you have deeper questions. Here is a bit to get you started. You can also read more in our Wiki under Integration.

Integrating into third party partner applications

Tight Integration: You can use your own custom headers, side navigation, and footers, and then Single Sign On (SSO) to Yellowfin via your own third party application. This allows you to share user credentials across applications and not have to login twice. Once Yellowfin is rebranded, a user can simply click on a link or tab within the your application and login automatically into Yellowfin, the user will simply think it’s the “reporting” section and be none the wiser.

Embedding reports and dashboards into your application, websites, Share Point portals...and much more!

Javascript API: When the code snippet is placed into the HTML portion of a page and the page runs, the code contacts the server and runs the report in that container.

Web Service Integration

Webservices API: Yellowfin can be integrated into applications via webservices; programmatically calling functions that perform administration, report and dashboard loading, filtering, managing security, etc. This is the most advanced option, and also the most complex as you are calling the webservices API. This option enables you to potentially build your own front end and simply call Yellowfin webservices as well.

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