How to Reset Password in Amazon EC2 Yellowfin Instance

After completing the setup workflow in the Yellowfin for AWS doc, you may find yourself locked out of the yellowfin instance hosted on EC2. if you forget your password, you can easily reset the default admin password following these steps:

1 - You’ll want to make sure you generated a key pair when setting up the EC2 instance. This is shown just after step 11 .

2 - Follow this guide to ssh into the EC2 instance 

3 - Move the ResetAdmin.jsp file (located in the development folder) into the ROOT folder.

cd /yellowfin/development/examples
cp ResetAdmin.jsp ../../appserver/webapps/ROOT

4 - Visit the following page to reset the admin password. You can find your public IPv4 address on the instance information

<public ip address>/ResetAdmin.jsp

Do note that now anyone can go in and reset the password if they access that to that link. Therefore, it is recommended you remove ResetAdmin.jsp from the ROOT folder when complete.

If you need further assistance, please reach out to Support.

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