How do I manage and setup LDAP groups in Yellowfin?

Once LDAP authentication is enabled, the Group Management screens will include a new group option called "LDAP Group:"

This will source groups from the LDAP directory for use as normal Yellowfin groups. 

Note:The LDAP group list will only display up to 1000 groups. If you have more groups in your list, you will need to apply a filter to this list

Yellowfin groups can also be created based on a variety of sources including mixtures of LDAP and Yellowfin groups, where LDAP groups can be either included or excluded in the new group

To create an LDAP Group:

  1. Choose LDAP Group from the Member type drop down.
  2. A list of all LDAP groups will be displayed. 
  3. Select the group to be used to create members for the Yellowfin Group.
  4. Click Add to add the LDAP group members into the Yellowfin Group 
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