How do I filter the list of groups returned from LDAP groups within Yellowfin?

By default, Yellowfin will only display up to 1000 LDAP groups in the list. However, you can filter this group list to return a shorter list by adding a string to the Yellowfin 'Configuration' table.

You will need to add an extra row with the following:

IpOrg ConfigTypeCode ConfigCode ConfigData


The contents of LDAPSUBSTRING is inserted into the LDAP Query to return groups, which is "(&(objectClass=group))"

So, for example, if your LDAPSUBSTRING is "(cn=*DataMart*)" the full query sent to the LDAP server is "(&(objectClass=group)(cn=*DataMart*))"

So the contents of LDAPSUBSTRING can be any LDAP query that can exist within an AND block, "(&(query)(query))"


insert into configuration (IpOrg, ConfigTypeCode, ConfigCode, ConfigData)
Values ('1', 'SYSTEM', 'LDAPSUBSTRING','(!(name=*Group*))' )
This filter '(!(name=*Group*))' ) means any group with the name Group will NOT be displayed in the list. Please see the link below for more syntax examples

Please note!
The syntax is dependant on the capabilities of the server.

Some example queries are here:

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