How do I manage the health and adoption of my Yellowfin system?

MarketplaceYou have invested in a great analytics solution, you have launched the project, and now what? Adoption is not the moment you ‘go live’ and everyone starts logging into your new or upgraded analytics application. When we focus on the go-live milestone as the finish line, we miss the real opportunity to successfully prepare for employee proficiency and long-term productivity. Go-live is not the end point, but rather a milestone on the way to ongoing employee adoption and change. It will be necessary to continuously update your goals and evolve your software strategy in order to achieve a gold star with your end users.

The on-going health of your investment needs to be managed monthly with new adoption and project milestones defined annually or even quarterly to keep pace with your evolving business objectives. We have created three admin dashboards that will allow you to review the overall system health, content being used, and which users in your company or integration are using the system on a regular bases. 

The Audit Content has been completely redone. It is now offered as a single import and will provide the three 3 dashboards for install. This is all compatible with 7.4. (Ensure your repository database is setup first and then during import, you swap the data source for your own).

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Also the Restyling Package has been updated. This package will change the blue to grey for CSS and custom images. This is compatible with 7.4.

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