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Ability to define multiple pattern for bar charts.

Idea Logged Abhay B. Chart Builder Comments: 7 Reply 2 hours ago by Eric H.
1 vote

User Count Mismatch

Awaiting Reply Naresh G. Administration Comments: 1 Reply 2 hours ago by Mike S.
1 vote

Join without having the field as part of the columns

In Progress Dor D. Report Builder Comments: 2 Reply 4 hours ago by Dor D.
1 vote

Floating Column Charts

Awaiting Reply C M. Chart Builder Comments: 1 Reply 7 hours ago by Mark M.
1 vote

Javascript errors with Chrome, but not Firefox

Awaiting Reply Andrew P. Installation & Upgrades Comments: 5 Reply 14 hours ago by David R.
1 vote

What is the latest version of Yellowfin?

Answered Yellowfin F. Administration Comments: 1 Reply 17 hours ago by David R.
7 votes
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