Setting Default Dashboard Tabs

When adding a new dashboard tab for a User Group, it is not automatically added to the dashboard of existing users. This is because users will only get the default dashboards on their very first login. After that, any new tabs added do not get added (unless the User deleted all their existing tabs).

Why is this? It is to stop dashboards from keeping on being added if a user removes it.

For example:

  • I set up a group - Group A; with User A, User B, and User C.
  • I have Dashboard 1, Dashboard 2, Dashboard 3 set up as default dashboard tabs.

Now when the above users log in for the first time, they see Dashboards 1, 2 and 3.

  • User B then decides to remove Dashboard 2 and 3 from his view. This means he can only see dashboard 1. User A and C can still see all 3 dashboards.

If Yellowfin was to check default dashboard tabs on every login, it means User B will get dashboards 2 and 3 again, and again, and again.

What you need to do to push out Default Dashboard Tabs for pre-existing users that already have saved tabs is:

  1. Search your corresponding Default Dashboard Tab(s)
  2. As Admin, distribute the new dashboards to the appropriate User Group by right clicking on the dashboard(s) from the Browse menu, or by clicking the arrow next to the dashboard name if on a dashboard tab, and click "Share" > "Distribute" > input User Group name > "Submit":
  3. All users in that group will now have the new tab(s), and their existing tab preferences remain unchanged.
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