Our broadcasts are still running even though we've deleted the Client Org that they were created within?

It's possible to have Broadcasts that were set up in a Client Org still run, even after the client has deleted that Client Org. Crazy we know. 

You can confirm this by experiencing it, or find out, by looking at the logs. The only way to stop these Broadcasts from continuing to run is to, first, identify them, and secondly, delete them by running a query directly against the YF DB.

In a case like this you will need to provide the following details to the team at Yellowfin to help, enter a ticket and we will work with you to resolve:

  1. TaskSchedule table
  2. Name of the deleted Client Org (so we can obtain the Id# of the org)

Once sent to the team, we can run the following query against the DB, after backing it up of course!!!!

Delete from TaskSchedulewhere IpOrg = <insert org id here>

This will stop the Broadcast from running.

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