What are the ways I integrating or emdedding Yellowfin into a custom application or webpage?

There are a number of ways you can embed & integrate Yellowfin into a custom app. Below is a list of commonly used environment setups when integrating YF, though you will need to read the attached guides for detailed information.

NOTE: checkout our Wiki for the latest updated documents by version
PLEASE SEE : Integration

Option 1: Yellowfin within an iFrame.

In this scenario, Yellowfin is simply loaded within an iFrame:

  • Single sign-on is possible.
  • There can be security flaws due to iFrames.
  • Browser -display issues can always arise.
  • This option is not recommended.

Option 2: Yellowfin 'Tight integration'.

In this scenario Yellowfin is loaded in a full page and custom headers/footers are used to link to your own application:

  • Single sign-on is possible.
  • You will need to write your own header/footer jsp to pass the relevant data to your application.
  • Examples of custom headers can be found in the \Yellowfin\Development\Examples directory.
  • More information can be found in the Yellowfin Styles Guide documentation.
  • This option is recommended and most commonly used.

Option 3: Yellowfin web service integration.

  • Single sign-on is possible.
  • In this scenario actions performed within your application will be passed to Yellowfin via webservices .
  • You will need to use web services for all actions that will be passed to Yellowfin.
  • Reports will be displayed and can be specified to use a certain user accounts.
  • This setup can take a bit of work to achieve the exact results you are after, as not all YF tasks can be performed using web services.
  • User-prompt filter values will need to be passed from your application.
  • Not all actions can be called using web-services (e.g. setting configuration options).
  • This option is only recommended if you simply want to display reports.

Option 4: Embed Reports using Javascript integration.

  • Single-sign is only possible with Yellowfin 6 + builds.
  • Dashboard embedding is only possible with Yellowfin 6.3+ builds.
  • In this scenario, you can only display the Yellowfin reports/dashboards in your application/webpage.
  • You won't be able to access other areas of Yellowfin (eg. Report list, View builder, Administration).
  • This option is only recommended if you simply want to display reports.

Please review our Wiki section on Integration for more details.

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