How to reset ANY Yellowfin user password by accessing ResetAdmin.jsp

Sometimes clients are unable to login to their YF instance because the credentials have been changed or they've forgotten their password or login name. They might see an error message like "you don't have the appropriate access to logon to this role" or "password does not match login name".

There is a way to reset these credentials so the client can access the software. Relay the following information.

In your Yellowfin installation folder, look in the development/examples/ directory for a file called "ResetAdmin.jsp". Copy this file into your webapp directory (Yellowfin/appserver/webapps/ROOT/).

Then go to this jsp in your browser,
eg: http://localhost:8080/ResetAdmin.jsp

You will be able to set a new password for any user.

Please note that this page is not secure and MUST be run on the local Yellowfin Server. 
Once you are finished, you should delete the jsp from the webapp directory.

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