What is the best way to connect two databases, that have different data, but I need to join the data into a report?

You can actually create separate views in Yellowfin, and then join these views via a composite view.

However, composite views are a little fickle, and do not work too well when the views have a few different joins, and are across different data types.The best option is to use Advanced sub-queries . 

In terms of grouping your data, if you're showing Database, Type, Amount, then you will get separate rows, since they are different. But.. if you show only the 'Type' column, and you have 'show duplicate reports un-ticked' then you should only get a single 'Type1' and 'Type2' and 'Type3'.

If you want one Type filter that applies to all queries, you will need to;

  1. Drag in the 'type' filter for each sub-query. There is no way around this
  2. Link the filters on the filter page, so only 1 filter is displayed on the output and can be selected. You will need to link the filters on the 'settings' page.
If you would like to group by dimension, you will need to use a sub-select. You can do this with a freehand SQL report or a Virtual table
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