How to get barcode fonts working in your report tables.

Getting a barcode font to work in charts is very straightforward, after installing the font on your computer you then just select the barcode font in Charts->Chart Settings->Style->Fonts.

However, to get barcode fonts (or in fact, any fancy fonts) working in a report table takes a few more steps:

1) Download the font (in this example I am using the freeware font called "Free 3 of 9")


2) Create a custom css file that points to the location of your downloaded font. You can call the custom css file whatever you want, but it must go in the path:


and it must contain syntax like the following:

@import url("C:\Yellowfin\YF 7.3\Fonts\fre3of9x.ttf")

(By the way, this also applies to Google Fonts which you don't have to download, in which case just put the http url in the CSS file)

3) Update Admin->Content Settings->Report Settings->Canvas Settings->Canvas Fonts with the correct CSS font-family name:


4) And then of course select it for your report column via Column Formatting->Data->Style:


And that's it! Then your font should show in your report table:

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