How to hide a Column Heading (i.e. how to have a blank column heading)

Sometimes it is useful to have no Column Heading and so the first thing everyone tries is to go to Column Formatting->Display and delete the current Display Name. However that doesn't work, Yellowfin will show the original column name from the database if there is no Display Name. So next everyone tries to add just one space as the Display Name, but that doesn't work because Yellowfin trims the space and so in effect you have entered nothing and so Yellowfin will show the original column name again.

So then of course, you could set the Display name to be an underscore, or a full-stop, but of course you can still see those characters.

However, there is a very easy way to get a true blank Column Heading. Enter a space but this time not via the regular Space bar, instead, use alt code 255 ( + 255) and because it is an alt code Yellow doesn't trim it, hey presto, you've got a true blank column heading as shown below for the numeric column on the right of the percentage bar column:

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