How to Add a Font to Yellowfin

Please note this only applies to versions prior to 9. For Version 9, please reference the Content Fonts Wiki entry.

Yellowfin uses two main sets of fonts. One set of fonts is used for the report tables (columns, data etc..), and the other set of fonts is used for generating charts.

Fonts used for report tables:

This list of fonts available for use are stored in the Yellowfin Configuration Database. This collection is generally short, as the list will need to be used by multiple users of Yellowfin across different PCs. So, a standard set of fonts that all machines can use it stored by default.

To add new fonts to the list you will need to add the following record in the Yellowfin database, under the ‘Configuration’ table.

Note: Please note you are modifying the configuration database, and it is strongly recommended you backup the database before making such modifications.

iporg = 1 (Leave this as 1)
Configtypecode =SYSTEM
Configdata = It is here you specify a list of fonts using this format. Description|<1st Font Style>,<2nd Font Style>…


iporg configtypecode configcode configdata
1SYSTEM ADDITIONALFONTS Times New Roman|Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica

Each font you add, must be added as a font hierarchy, so if that font cannot be found on a users machine, the next font is used. In the example above you can see the font is Times New Roman| (note the pipes used). So we want to use ‘Times New Roman’, though if this font cannot be found, ‘Arial’ will be used, and if this cannot be found ‘Helvetica’ will be used. You can add a large list of fonts if you like, though each must confirm to format mentioned above.

Adding 2 new fonts (Myriad Pro & Times New Roman)would look like this:

Myriad Pro|Myriad Pro, Myriad, Corbel, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif|Times New Roman|Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica

Fonts used for charts:

This list of fonts is usually quite large as it’s simply a list of all fonts installed on the server machine. Adding fonts to your the server system depends on the operating system it is using.

Due to the number of different operating systems available and methods you can use, it is recommended you search online for the method that best suits your environment.

If you have any issues adding fonts or are experiencing any errors you can email for further assistance.

For Version 9, click here.

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