How does the new v7.1 drill through functionality work?

At the end of 2014 we found an issue with our chart drill through functionality that was not meant to work the way it had been working. However, many users had found a creative workaround to the old functionality and had implement this workaround within many of their reports.

This is one of those cases where we thought we had fixed an old issue, only to cause some grief with how users had figured out a way to make the system do what we did not think could be done.

In the 2015 January build we have re-broken the software, kind of, which allows users to use the product in the old manner and the way we feel the product should be functioning. Here is how the new drill through charts will work.

In the scenario below we are using the ski team database, using the ‘Sum Athlete Counter’ as the drill link. The chart is aggregating against ‘Agency Type’, so the chart displays 17.

However, if you were to drill with this chart, it would actually pass ‘1’, as it’s the metric value for ‘Online’. This is how it was working in 6.1, which as you can imagine would cause incorrect results.

In this scenario, in 7.1+ , we will ‘omit’ the ‘Sum Athlete Counter’ value, so that the child report opens, but does not pass any metric.

The only time this drill would be valid, is if the table only returns a single metric, and the chart is displaying that metric. We don’t believe this is a common scenario for charts, other than ‘Scatter/Bubble/Meter’ charts, which will still be able to pass the metric. It’s other charts, that will be aggregating the data, such as bar, column etc.. that drilling will omit the filter.

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