Can YF reports display Row Numbers like in MS Excel?

What is Row Numbering?

Row numbering correlates a row of data with a numerical value usually beginning with 1 and incrementing by 1 for each respective row of data. This is a common feature of Microsoft's Excel and some YF customers may desire this functionality.

Can YF Create Numbered Rows?

Yellowfin does not natively number rows of data like some other products. However, this feature can be accomplished by creating a calculated field.

How to Create a Calculated Field for Row Numbering

Calculated fields can be used to create numbered rows. From the Report editor, underneath the Data tab, create a new Calculated Field.

Name the Calculated Field "Row", set the Formula Type to Simple, enter the number 1 in the formula window, and click +Add as seen below:

Save the Calculated Field and then drag the newly created Row Calculated Field to the leftmost table column.

After the row is included in the table, set the Row column to perform an Advanced Function. Within the Advanced Function window, select an Analysis Function, click on Accumulative Total, and click Save.

The Row column should now increment by 1 for each row as seen below:

The last step that needs to be performed is simple formatting. Change the name from "Running total of Row", to "Row" and set the Decimal Places to 0.

The end result should be reminiscent of other spreadsheet products like Microsoft Excel.

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