What has changed in the content creation canvas?

Content Creation Canvas

In Yellowfin 7.3, the entire Content Creation Canvas has been updated, making it simpler and easier to build and format content. Slick new features, along with a redesigned look and feel, provide the power and freedom to swiftly design beautiful, purpose-built analytical content and stunning infographics. Meet your organization’s customized content needs, exceed expectations and drive user adoption – all without writing one line of code. 

Here is a short list of changes, for more checkout our Wiki

Redesigned User Interface

The new User Interface (UI) that accompanies the overhauled Content Creation Canvas delivers a fresh look and feel, making it simpler and easier to create and format content.

New Image Manager: The new Image Manager has been re-made from the ground-up, delivering a smoother user experience. Users can now crop and search for images within the Image Manager, as well as perform existing functions with fewer clicks. 

New Menu Panel: The new Menu Panel, appearing on the left hand side of the Content Creation Canvas, provides quick access to a huge range of new objects and widgets.


New objects and widgets

A large range of new objects – such as shapes, lines, text options and chart widgets – deliver the design elements needed for building compelling custom content. Think of the canvas as a freeform content builder – you can add shapes, text, images and visualizations. Easily combine and manipulate all these elements into any design that you desire. 

Contextual Menus

Each widget dragged onto the canvas now has its own pop-out menu, delivering improved formatting options and superior control with fine-grained design choices. Editing and formatting options provided – from changing font, size, color, text alignment, image ratio, opacity and rotating or moving objects – change depending on the type of widget selected. 

Pixel Perfect Charting

Easily alter the width, height and positioning of any object on the Content Creation Canvas by individual pixels with new Pixel Perfect Charting. Superior control means you don’t have to compromise on your customized content vision. Produce high quality visualizations that truly engage the specific needs of your users.

Canvas Properties Menu

The new Canvas Properties Menu also enables you to change the grid size by individual pixels. This menu includes a range of familiar and new canvas options, such as auto-grow, ‘snap-to-grid’ functionality, rulers, size locking, layer ordering and more. 

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