Cached Values On Demand / Custom Query Cached On Demand

What is it?

Cached Values On Demand & Custom Query Cached On Demand are filter format options that were introduced in Yellowfin 7.1 + back in May 2016.
These options are available at both the report & view level.

How does it work?

These options allow Yellowfin to return the filter values on report load, and cache them into memory, rather than cache to the DB. When you close the report, the filter values are not longer user. Launch the report again and the values are once again returned and cached into memory. 

When should I use this?

This option was primarily implemented with client orgs & data source substitution in mind. 
Under normal circumstances, when you have data source substitution enabled, any filter that lives on the default org that is also accessed from the client will cache a list of values for ALL possible orgs in the Yellowfin DB.
So if you have a filter, and 10 client orgs, the filter will cache all 10 client orgs plus the default org to the Yellowfin DB.
On each refresh (no matter which org you are in ) will cache all 10 client orgs also . So this can be quite time consuming.

If you were to use the cached values on demand option, when you open a report at the client org, only results from that client org are returned. Filters are not refreshed for any other org, as the results are not stored in the DB.
It also means your filter values are always the latest. 

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