How Drill Down and Drill Anywhere work at the SQL level

To best illustrate how Drills work from a SQL perspective, we'll start by exemplifying how Drill Anywhere works. 

What happens here is, which ever Drill field you click on gets added to the WHERE clause, then, whichever field is clicked in the Drill itself gets substituted out in the SELECT statement:

In using the example above, if we drill on ‘Luxury’ in the Demographic column, into the 'Company Name' field, you’ll see the following result in the SQL:

'Company Name' (‘AGENCYNAME’ in the database) has been swapped into the SELECT DISTINCT statement and 'Demographic: Luxury' has been added to the WHERE clause.

Drill Down works in exactly the same way from a SQL perspective, except instead of providing you the option of going anywhere, the user provides Yellowfin with the list they have defined – you’re limited to a specific, explicitly defined hierarchy.

You can read more about Drill Down and Drill Anywhere reports, including how to set each up, in our Wiki by clicking the respective links. 

You may also reference our Wiki documentation on Drill Through Reports, just be ware that when configuring Drill Throughs, you are actually configuring links into entirely separate reports, so this feature does not work in the same manner as Drill Down and Drill Anywhere.

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