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Loading Snowflake datasource into a view is slow

In Progress Peter W. Data Sources Comments: 19 Reply 26 hours ago by Dean F.
1 vote

excel broadcast filename

In Progress Steve K. Broadcast & Report Export Comments: 7 Reply 3 days ago by Steve K.
1 vote

Co-Display Reports not Broadcasted

Resolved KGAcosta Broadcast & Report Export Comments: 4 Reply 5 days ago by Neal D.
1 vote

PDF Shrink to Fit option not working in v9.2.1

Defect Logged Jason K. Report Builder Comments: 8 Reply 8 days ago by Mike S.
1 vote

Have a Schedule minimum interval setting

Defect Logged Tarun P. Administration Comments: 2 Reply 9 days ago by David R.
1 vote

Not getting Annotation options...

Awaiting Reply Zack W. Collaboration Comments: 4 Reply 30 days ago by Chris M.
1 vote

Legend Limit Not Working

Defect Logged Ollie C. Chart Builder Comments: 10 Reply 51 days ago by Neal D.
1 vote

BigQuery with reference ID filter does not work

Defect Fixed JeRoen Report Builder Comments: 11 Reply 2 months ago by Lesley G.
1 vote

problem in selecting date filter.

Defect Fixed sukhwinder Report Builder Comments: 7 Reply 2 months ago by Neal D.
2 votes

I am trying to supress duplicates from an SQL report

Defect Logged Dieter S. Report Builder Comments: 5 Reply 2 months ago by Eric H.
3 votes

Removing a field that is used in reports from View

Resolved Vefa G. View Builder Comments: 13 Reply 2 months ago by Lesley G.
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