unit selection in chart does not respect advanced function calculation

Jonas De Beukelaer shared this problem 6 years ago


I created a report with three columns:

column 1, the date;

column 2, a raw value over time;

and column 3 (from a subquery) which used advanced function ('percentage against column 2') to get a percentage value over time.

I wanted to use the unit picker in a combination chart, so a user could look at daily/weekly volumes and % etc.

However, I noticed that the date picker simply aggregates the values output by the initial query, and loses context of where the calculated value comes from. So, things like percentage against column come out wrong, as the aggregation does not take into account the weighting each value should have, when aggregating.

As an example, if I was aggregating over two days

date count %

01/04 100 20%

02/04 10 40%

then looking at them combined I would expect count: 110 (this is ok) and %: ~22%

BUT I get %: 30% (if aggregation is set to average in charts) on the chart.

So I guess the easiest thing to do here is to prevent people from being able to enable the unit picker when using advanced functions, as this can lead to incorrect data being displayed.

Hope this makes sense!



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Hi Jonas,

Thank you for reaching out. I am able to replicate what you're seeing and I do think it is misleading and am in agreement that we either need to make it work correctly or don't allow people to do it!

I've logged this as a defect in our internal tracking system and will post any potential updates regarding this here.




HI, is there any update about this issue?


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