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Allow Copying of Dashboard elements between sub tabs.

In Progress Kalaiselvan 3 hours ago Dashboards No Comments
1 vote

Calculating Business Days

In Progress Tessa V. Report Builder Comments: 8 Reply 2 days ago by Tessa V.
2 votes

Disable Change Password Prompt On First Login?

Idea Logged Dean F. Administration Comments: 8 Reply 5 days ago by David R.
1 vote

Secured broadcast

Idea Logged Stefan D. Security Comments: 5 Reply 5 days ago by Eric H.
2 votes

Yellowfin with OpenID Connect

Idea Logged Hiroyuki A. Integration Comments: 6 Reply 16 days ago by Eric H.
2 votes

Annotation with Cross Tab reports

Idea Logged Simona Report Builder Comments: 1 Reply 19 days ago by Mark M.
1 vote

REST API Call for User Sessions

Idea Logged ethan K. Integration Comments: 4 Reply 29 days ago by Eric H.
2 votes

Custom Default Numeric Chart Font

Idea Logged Joe H. Administration Comments: 9 Reply 29 days ago by Eric H.
1 vote
12 votes

Embedded Dashboard Bookmark

Idea Logged Allen M. Integration Comments: 5 Reply 36 days ago by Eric H.
1 vote

Filtering / unsubscribing from the timeline

Idea Logged Casper S. Collaboration Comments: 5 Reply 47 days ago by Chris M.
1 vote

Yearly Comparison on Column Charts

Idea Logged Mike R. Report Builder Comments: 3 Reply 49 days ago by Mark M.
6 votes

Query for Broadcast Dashboard option

Idea Logged Vishal A. Dashboards Comments: 4 Reply 54 days ago by Eric H.
1 vote
4 votes

Wrap Display Filter Label

Idea Logged Jasper D. Report Builder Comments: 2 Reply 57 days ago by Jasper D.
1 vote

Allow chart interaction to apply filters

Idea Logged Alex t. Chart Builder Comments: 7 Reply 2 months ago by Lex C.
4 votes
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