Where can I find the 7.4 installer?

You can download the latest release of v7.4 that now includes the updater to allow you to move from an older production release of Yellowfin. Release notes are attached and you can also watch a short video on our website, use this link Website overview

To download the build go hereNote you will need to login to activate the download links.

Review and follow the master v7.4 Change Log KB article to monitor the monthly updates

Review and follow the Upgrade and Change Management Best Practices KB article before you drive change at your organization. As always, the team at Yellowfin is here to help. Just post a question or submit a private ticket. We will have a new Change Management document out shortly focused on v7.4.

This is one of our most impactful releases for the team at Yellowfin. We are excited to provide our customers with the latest in Assisted Insights, Data Transformation, and Data Transformations using some of todays most dynamic data science tools.

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