7.4 Change logs: Patch and Release notes for 7.4

Below you will find the running change logs for v7.4. We will update this knowledge base article each month that a release is available for download with the corresponding logs. To download the latest available versions login to the Yellowfin website here, Portal login access...

Latest Release Change Log updates:

Yellowfin BI 7.4.14
Build: 20200612
Published: 25th June, 2020

Enhancements: 6

17687 Updated Dutch translations.
16466 New function that enables the sharing of private content (which can now be disabled).
10404 Additional webservice changes to support modifying the access level of content categories.
10264 Add a functionality that displays SQL of the report regardless of SQL errors.
6267 Added configurations for default preview and active row limit in the Report Builder.
15886 Added translations for different languages to the 7.4 resource files, for which translations were available in the 8 resource files.

Resolved Issues: 30

19195 Resolved an issue with column aliasing on queries generated to populate the filter value popup.
19143 Prevent JSTL core tags from breaking JSPs when the webapp version (web.xml) is 3.0 or above.
19064 Fixed an SQL syntax error when using Minimum Date or Maximum Date in Report Filters
18979 Resolved issues where some repository database queries against Oracle were unbounded.
18942 Fixed a problem that allowed proxy to hack Freehand Sql calculated field privilege by intercepting JSON response
18905 Fixed a problem that leads to SQL syntax error in drill-down containing date functions
18493 Fixed an error that prevented users from using the restore option when the export file contained a datasource
18414 Fix issues with equating columns in a filter on SQL Server sources
18316 Fixed an issue that was causing an NPE when writing a private comment
18081 Increase efficiency of internal EventCache filtering.
17871 Corrected Access Level text
17352 Fixed a problem that broke the View SQL when the data source restored from a disconnected state
16857 Fixed a problem that threw JS error when user resets dashboard date filters on the first attempt
16816 Fixed an issue that shared items using display name as email address
16667 Notify users of dashboard comments only when they belong to the same organisation as the author of the comment
14792 Resolved an issue that was causing linking of Data to not work in a Dashboard
14756 Fixed an XSS problem in View editing, cloning and publishing
14590 Fixed an issue that leads to Oh No error when refreshing cached filter in sub query
14319 Show Timestamp filter when using Custom filter from Pre-Defined list on a Timestamp field.
14229 Fixed an issue that doesn't allow calculated fields based on date/timestamp subtraction
13394 Fixed an issue that broke export xlsx with company logo and applied filters while the wrap text option is enabled
12242 Fixed an issue when long multi-byte characters were used to create content folders and field folders.
11931 Corrected two Portuguese translations
11745 Fixed a problem that could allow command line to be injected into exported report XLSX file
11310 Fixed an issue that prevented resetting drill down linked reports in a Dashboard
11242 Fixed a problem that granted edit folder privilege to users without access to folder in report builder save menu
11073 Fix an issue that co-display report does not use cached result when the report was set to be refresh periodically
10437 Fix an issue with broadcasts not being delivered in a user's preferred language
9596 Added verification for unique username and email address to all user creation processes
8573 Fixed an issue that folder security will not be updated until user next login

Yellowfin BI 7.4.13
Build: 20200221
Published: 11th March

Resolved Issues: 50

18009 Fixed issues with running reports with grouped org reference code filters.
17954 Resolve issues with some calculated fields on databases that require column aliases.
17939 Fixed an issue with setting the data source for a view level custom query filter when importing a view with the REPLACE option
17915 Fixed an issue with incorrect SQL being generated for Date Hierarchy fields
17872 Fixed an error that stopped users from being able to resolve tasks in the timeline
17867 Fixed an issue with cached access filter values on the dashboard
17807 Fixed an issue with materialising clobs into an Exasol target when caching a view
17658 Fixed an issue caused when a user in a system where no favourites are saved tries to access the timeline, profile settings, tasks
17646 Fixed a problem that disabled filter search box in report builder
17539 Fixed a potential XSS problem in Discussion Polls with Thumbs
17515 Fixed row name translations in cross-tab reports
17500 Upgraded Jackson data processor libraries to 2.10.1
17464 Fixed an issue that broke horizontally locked report header
17463 Fixed an issue that overlapped report locked header with its content
17304 Resolved an issue with loading content that refers to deleted content.
17260 Addressed issue with broadcasting co-display reports based on report based views.
17239 Fixed a problem that caused NPE when creating or updating users with dynamic filters
17224 Fixed code that can potentially cause a ConcurrentModificationException while running a report.
17213 Apply query limits to view data preview tabs when the datasource supports LIMIT or TOP syntax.
17109 [9Beta] Fixed the location of a drop down menu in the report builder and chart buider.
17064 Address BigQuery issues with COUNT DISTINCT and access filters
17009 We have resolved an issue that allowed users to access Dashboards stored in private folders that they don't have access to.
16897 Resolved issue with Report API failing to generate reports when the Administration user didn't have a valid Access Filter for the report.
16868 Optimise LISTUSERSATCLIENT webservice call
16866 Fixed an issue with view filters in a report used for broadcasting not being updated when view has been changed
16840 Fixed a potential XSS problem in page header URL
16580 Prevent File Inclusions with Custom Header or Footer
16368 Upgraded Jackson libraries to 2.9.10
16326 Fixed an issue that caused chart tooltip values to be shortened and hidden when there is still space available.
16184 Support the use of master query parameters in sub query filters
15996 Update Java Mail library to version 1.6.2
15907 Enable Virtual Tables and Freehand SQL Views for Big Query sources
15765 Fixed issues with an invalid database context being passed to custom Authentication Adapters for Co-Display reports during Broadcast.
15602 Prevent error when loading the pre-built content from some third-party connectors, including the Facebook and RingCentral connectors.
15525 Fixed a problem that caused advanced functions in exported reports to lose user prompt filter
15389 Dimension names in Report Summary look like in the report now
15221 Fixed incorrect German translation
15109 Importing a view will now inherit the schema set on the target datasource.
14935 Address XSS issues on the View Drag'n'Drop page
14858 Support Virtual Tables that contain dots/periods in their name
14398 Remove LIMIT commands from being inserted in SQL generated by sub queries.
14234 Fix invalid SQL generated for BigQuery when using Drill Down or Drill Anywhere.
10727 Updated Apache Batik library to version 1.12
9904 Fixed issues with loading existing tables for a ETL output step when the JDBC driver has been loaded via Plugin Management
9753 Fixed an issue with grouping non-text data on an Exasol datasource
7980 Increased the width of "Long Running Report" window to accommodate longer texts
6260 Updated Bouncycastle to version 1.64 and added PDFBox for securing the generated PDF
6259 Updated Axis library with security patch
153 Fixed a problem that prevents prompt filter displaying valid results

Enhancements: 4

17453 Added ServletFilter that can be applied to different URLs. This can perform SSO when a user hits a non-default entry point.
17449 Support using Filter UUIDs on Dashboards when redirecting to a Dashboard via the SSO login process.
15074 Added licence validation to import process
6225 Added a report format option that allows users to set up a fixed report table header 

Yellowfin BI 7.4.12 (re-published)
Build: 20191217
Published: 18th December

Resolved Issues: 1

17378Resolved issues with not being able to edit non-Drag'n'Drop views.

Yellowfin BI 7.4.12 (re-published)
Build: 20191206
Published: 10th December

Resolved Issues: 1

17238Fixed a bug that caused Date columns in Postgres datasources to be interpreted as Timestamp by Yellowfin

Yellowfin BI 7.4.12 (re-published)
Build: 20191202
Published: 3rd December

Resolved Issues: 2

17210Fixed issues with Analytic Function Prompts on dashboards
17185Addressed slow report execution related to large result set sorting when reports contained certain data-types

Yellowfin BI 7.4.12
Build: 20191126
Published: 26th November

Resolved Issues: 31

Empty XML in YFX export file
Fixed refresh results issue when using a UNION subquery on report builder
Fixed issue with finding members of nested LDAP Groups
Fixed issues with loading dashboards on the legacy iOS app
Addressed XSS issue on Company Logo image loader
Addressed XSS issue with Map Image uploads
Addressed performance issue when opening private report
Background reports will now use the configured Timezone rather than Java's default setting, when a recipient timezone is not available
Prefixed spaces are now used when sorting filter values
Fixed an issue with view level custom queries not coming through correctly when replacing existing view
Fixed a Facebook authorisation problem
Fixed a problem that hid Csv entry box within left-side filter panel of dashboard
Fixed a problem that incorrectly positionedlicense item tool-tip
Fixed a problem that rendered reports containing sub total cells incorrectly in exported pdf
Fixed a XSS problem in client org custom file path
Fixed an issue in reauthorizing google sheets tokens
Fixed an issue that allowed users in the client org to access draft contents from the Primary org
Fixed an issue that allowed Users to simultaneously edit Reports
Fixed an issue that prevented individual translations being applied on sub-query fields and view name
Fixed an issue that prevented rendering customised footer and header in exported doc report
Fixed an issue that prevented translating sub-queries's filter descriptions
Fixed an issue where the horizontal label for a histogram chart was no correct when histogram bin count was set to auto
Fixed an issue with applying ref code formatter with "trim values" on a numeric-based dimension field
Fixed an issue with reports becoming inconsistent after the view is cloned and modified
Fixed issue when cross tab report with two or more Sub Totals is exported to Excel
Fixed issue with column header colour missing for header cells in exported PDF
Fixed issue with silent installer not working due to UnsupportedOperationException
improve support of multibyte character when creating reference codes
Improved pie chart label placement to avoid overlapping labels more often
Resolved an issue that blocked exporting reports with subtotal as excel files by throwing NullPointerException
6068 Resolved issues with using iOS app on clustered environments with session replication

Enhancements: 13

Support multi-chart canvas in XLSX exports
Added Chinese and Japanese translations for 7.4.12
Thread safety modifications that may prevent incorrect data being logged in the audit table
Minimise duplicate work when executing dashboard reports.
Additional indexes and query modifications for slow repository SQL queries.
Added PostgreSQL CITEXT data type support
AverageRunTimeRefreshTask has been updated for less database select and update operations.
Default custom query datasource to that of the report if an over-ride datasource has not been provided on report import.
Remove unneeded extra line from the bottom of CSV exports
Show which elements are causing circular joins in the View builder
Added a functionality that allows user to save view builder preview auto refresh option
Add new version parameter to WMS layer requests
Allow guest user access to client org items via JsApi

Yellowfin BI 7.4.11 (republished)
Build: 20190930
Published:  3rd October 2019

Resolved Issues: 1

16388Resolved issue where whitespace was ignored with column sorting.  

Yellowfin BI 7.4.11
Build: 20190919
Published: 30th Sept 2019

Enhancements: 29

5162 Added Suppress Duplicates option to Cross Tab reports                
Added a configuration that allows administrator to set up a customised email address and sender name used when user shares Yellowfin items via Email
Added a 'Copy Content Translations' option which will enable/disable content translations from being copied when user copies a piece of content.
Added an enhancement to round stacked bar total value with the most specific precision among all sections within the bar
Added an option to apply conditional formats set for a total to the sub totals on the same column. This option is available for Column based and cross tab reports, not row based reports.
Added error logging when upgrading using the silent installer, errors will appear in the upgrade log file
Added LIMIT support for Athena
Added the option to enclose all values on a CSV with a value separator of the user's choice.
Added two options for fields on reports that provide control over hiding totals (Display Total Value) and sub-totals (Hide Sub Total on Fields). The new options can be found under the Summary heading.
Approvals: Content is put back in draft mode if it is rejected instead of being deleted when tasks are disabled.
Ensure third party component licences are still updated when using in-context installs.
Improve performance when determining whether a report is affected by DynamicFilters defined at the view.
Modifications that decrease pre-report run loading times.
Only escape SQL Server text literals with N' when the text contains unicode characters.
Optimise Report User Access Check calculation process.
Performance improvements added to the Browse Page
Performance improvements to TimeLine loading process.
Performance improvements when loading user favourites
Removed all bundled JDBC drivers from new installs except for HSQLDB, PostgreSQL, jTDS and MS SQL Server. Customers are able to supply their own JDBC driver via a prompt in the installer.
Skip unneeded report querying when building a report.
Remove unused library files in Yellowfin
Updated Jsoup library to version 1.12.1
10061 Added Portuguese (Brazil)translations
The "HP Vertica" database type is now listed as "Vertica"
Update YUI Compressor library from 2.4.7 to 2.4.8
Updated most of the third party libraries to exactly match the available versions on the maven central repository.
Upgraded jquery library to version 3.4.1.
Upgraded moment.js library to version 2.24.0
Utilise locale-dependent character sorting on Reports

Resolved Issues: 78

Added a fix so that when adding a default org report to a dashboard in a client org, it is not possible to hide a column on the default org report
Added an option that allows user to revert exporting formatted numeric values as string
Added command line options to disable upgrade version safety checks.
Added some mitigation against tab-nab attacks for URLs
Added sorting to the horizontal axis for Overlaid and Combined Category charts.
Addressed issues with loading a large number of tasks on Oracle.
Basic conditional formats will maintain their order when adding new formats after deleting old ones.
Cleanup orphaned nodes when Cluster is shutdown.
Corrected German translation
Corrected some German translations
Enabled Embed option for sharing client org reports and dashboards
Fix problems with report running when restricted co-displays are on a report.
Fix security issues with report thumbnail images.
Fix the corruption of Cached Filter hierarchies when refreshing values at a Client Org.
Fixed a bug that made report builder page hanging when a filter is added to the report
Fixed a bug that prevented refreshing data of co-display reports when applying filters.
Fixed a bug which prevented changing the data source of a view based on an Oracle source
Fixed a problem that allowed user to edit hard-coded calculated filters
Fixed a problem that rendered duplicated suffixes and prefixes for labels within the heat grid chart
Fixed an error that stopped the browse page from loading due to a deleted user on a private dashboard.
Fixed an issue during exporting to an Excel document when there are empty URL cells
Fixed an issue in the View Builder Field Settings that a field category was not kept open after one field was changed and another field in the same category was selected
Fixed an issue that prevented database only upgrades of Yellowfin when using the silent option.
Fixed an issue that prevented dependent filters from populating values on OLAP reports.
Fixed an issue that prevented displaying frequency options in the user's preferred language
Fixed an issue that prevented user broadcasting tabbed co-display reports
Fixed an issue that prevented user from changing the input values when using the date range picker
Fixed an issue that prevented user from moving views and ETL flows along with sub folder by dragging and dropping.
Fixed an issue that user cannot be deleted if they have private reports
Fixed an issue that values returned for a metric range filter applied to a report based on 3rd-party connector data sources were incorrect
Fixed an issue that was preventing cached filter values from updating on MS SQL server when using source substitution
Fixed an issue when editing and saving a Dashboard tab, the Dashboard to the right of it would also be updated
Fixed an issue where a name would not display in the person/group search box if the name was too long.
Fixed an issue where advanced conditional formatting logic was not retaining its order after removing report fields.
Fixed an issue where canvas text widgets were not exporting to PDF
Fixed an issue where images in emails distributed by Yellowfin would not appear in some email clients (Outlook, Gmail).
Fixed an issue where labels may not generate correctly on Combination charts when a sub plot has no series assigned to it.
Fixed an issue where overlay and combined category charts did not use the decimal place formatting from the data step on labels.
Fixed an issue where the approval status is incorrect in the report toolbar
Fixed an issue where the column total option did not show for Numeric Display auto charts.
Fixed an issue where the horizontal margin on a chart would not save as 1 but would reset to 0.
Fixed an issue where the report section link was not using the formatter applied to the section field.
Fixed an issue where the task schedule page would not load when a recipient report was missing
Fixed an issue where timestamp range inputs could pick up values from other input views on the page
Fixed an issue where user is unable to edit a CSV table on the view builder
Fixed an issue which prevented getting export dependencies from client organisation content via webservices
Fixed an issue with being able to bypass restricted role restrictions
Fixed an issue with being able to change a user's role at another client org.
Fixed an issue with calculated totals on calculated fields which include date/time fields in their calculation and those date fields have totals applied, which stopped affected reports from being edited/copied.
Fixed an issue with chart trending, where if you have null values in your dataset the trending line may not show for average, accumulation and trends.
Fixed an issue with crosstab reports that positioned the value of suppressed cell incorrectly in exported PDF
Fixed an issue with the FILTEROPTIONS report service which prevented it from returning values from the correct client organisation.
Fixed codisplay reports not being included on FTP broadcasts and long-running email reports. Also fixed a race condition which could cause long-running report emails not to send.
Fixed fields disappearing on stored procedure views
Fixed IOException when upgrading very old versions of Yellowfin where the legal folder did not exist in the application folder.
Fixed issue that prevented the Browse Page to be loaded after Upgrade if a data source record is missing for a view
Fixed issue with "maximum open cursors exceeded" in Oracle sources
Fixed issue with header exceeding the table when crosstab report is exported as PDF
Fixed issue with incorrect background colour in dimension table cells when crosstab report with alternate row shading is exported as PDF
Fixed issue with saving a view after changing data sources that share the same tables
Fixed issue with Snowflake and freehand SQL queries.
Fixed limit schedule period for report broadcasts not working
Fixed the report table cell styles of PDF export where suppress duplicates caused borders to break.
Improved the performance of the Calculated Field save process
Issue with case-sensitivity in LDAP group matching resolved
Limit code locks when database connections take a long time to notify of a connection failure.
Line breaks in data are replaced with an empty String when the report is exported as a CSV
On upgrade, ScheduleUUID values will be generated for tasks without one and new scheduled tasks will not be entered into the database with a null ScheduleUUID.
Passwords are no longer logged to the install log when using the command line installer
Prevent thread leak with Views based on Reports
Prevent unauthorised users from changing their role
Remove Servlet Specification 3 references from codebase.
Removed UnboundId SDK optional LDAP adapter and dependencies library
Resolved issue when adding stored procedure reports on dashboards
Resolved issues with using Custom Image Formatters with Session Replication
Restrict access to report meta data via Ajax request.
Support calculated fields on Minus and Intersect Joins
Tabbed Co-Displays will now follow the Main Report tab when exporting to XLS
Yellowfin BI 7.4.10
Build: 20190510
Published: 10th May 2019

Enhancements: 31

Added "Admin mode" and web services to enable/disable it.
Added a configurable function to update a user role by their LDAP group
Added a change to bulk load table meta data to improve performance in some cases.
Added a configuration switch to validate outer joins as inner joins for a view
Added additional table indexes for the Repository Database to improve performance
Added an enhancement to the CSV upload process to support more database targets.
Added better logging for exceptions when using third party sources.
Added options for how broadcast emails are delivered.
Added performance improvements to LDAP client organisation functionality
Added SSL and Load Balancing flags to Vertica meta-data
Added support for multiple LDAP groups for LDAP User login access
Added the ability to turn on row sub totals on cross tab reports.
Allow updates to data sources for client organisations via Data Source Management Web Service calls
Fixed an issue where problem fields are not able to be read if they appeared at the bottom of the chart field panel.
Implement E-tags for Avatar images and bulk browser text file.
Modified Volatile Sources Ping Query for SQL Server, Vertica, PostgreSQL and Oracle
Updated Microsoft JDBC driver to version 7.2.1 for Yellowfin 8, and 6.4.0 for Yellowfin 7.4
Updated text when creating a view based on multiple tables or stored procedures to "Create View"
Yellowfin can now be installed on MySQL 8
Updated bundled postgresql jdbc driver to 42.2.5.jre7
Updated Jackson libraries to version 2.9.8
Updated MySQL JDBC driver to 5.1.47
Removed groovy-all from the included libraries of new installations.
Removed inline styles on confirm dialog popup in favour of css styles to aid in rebranding
Added access control to service calls to prevent report data from being manipulated
Added driver certification for AWS Athena driver.
Added performance enhancements to the server-side dashboard loading process.
Added the ability to add a dimension tooltip to a Heat Grid, Non auto chart category chart and category based cross tab charts.
Added the ability to enable row limits on the Filter Value Prompt popup.
Upgraded the packaged Tomcat to 8.5.38
Updated the library jsch.jar to version 0.1.55 in order to remove security vulnerabilities.

Resolved Issues: 77

An issue in the standalone importer was fixed that prevented it from completing successfully. Also the standalone importer will now exit upon successful completion.
Allow ability to configure task scheduler work queue without any limits and improved the logging information from the task scheduler.
An issue was fixed that prevented users from opening the broadcast settings for a report when the task scheduler was disabled.
Approval notifications will now be sent to every member of an approval group, when group approval is set for a report or view.
Back-ported a fix which was made for 8.0 which resolves issues with event caching on clustered environments
Filter and breadcrumb display values now correctly show formatted values when using a boolean formatter.
Fix an issue of inconsistent output of report and dashboard while filter values are lead with space
Fix an issue that user was granted edit access of a private report but they cannot reverttheir changes when report was in a private folder
Fix issues with Event caching on clustered environments with case sensitive databases.
Fix problem with clearing orphaned smart report tasks on some databases.
Fixed a BigQuery issue where grouped data could not be applied to date fields
Fixed a BigQuery issue where grouped data could not be applied to numeric fields
Fixed a bug in the connector that conflicted with the latest Facebook API
Fixed a bug that redirected users to the admin console page when rolling back a cloned view
Fixed a bug when the filter display is set to the left side navigation, all the popup filters cannot be displayed
Fixed a bug where popup report filters are converted to list selection after upgrading from 73 to 74
Fixed a calculated field bracketing issue
Fixed a XSS issue on the activity stream popup for an attached file or image
Fixed an error parsing report arguments when attempting to drill down on a dashboard with an in list date filter applied
Fixed an error that prevented user with read permission from opening a report
Fixed an error which prevented editing reports created on a cloned view
Fixed an issue in ETL Aggregate Step which influenced the precision of average calculation
Fixed an issue that allowed users who had been assigned tasks to be removed from a discussion stream.
Fixed an issue that applied incorrect drill down values when opening a drill through pop-up in cross tab reports
Fixed an issue that caused an NPE when running ETL Jobs if the target DB had columns of type CLOB
Fixed an issue that caused chart tooltips to appear unexpectedly without actually hovering over a chart.
Fixed an issue that caused long running reports to sometimes not be able to be distributed via the background execution queue
Fixed an issue that caused published reports to be modified when opening reports in multiple tabs.
Fixed an issue that caused some DB transactions to lock out in SQL Server DB
Fixed an issue that generated duplicated narratives when copying a report containing data insights
Fixed an issue that prevented activity stream comments from being deleted.
Fixed an issue that prevented charts being displayed in a new window.
Fixed an issue that prevented importing a CSV as a data source.
Fixed an issue that prevented saving private reports under certain circumstances, for example after user migration.
Fixed an issue that removed report links when broadcasting a oversized report in the form of HTML
Fixed an issue that rendered global filters invalid in storyboard
Fixed an issue that resulted in not recognizing certain Oracle specific data types.
Fixed an issue when adding a report to dashboard, the existing report cached result was ignored.
Fixed an issue where a blank date picker on a filter would say that inputs must be valid, when the filter was not mandatory

Fixed an issue where a chart with discrete timeseries and a trend, was not able to be sorted by a date
Fixed an issue where a metric chart field used for a tooltip was available for sorting by series, when it should not have been.
Fixed an issue where a problem field on a multiple metric auto chart could cause the chart not to render
Fixed an issue where a report would not load when a related report fails to run.
Fixed an issue where a role added via web services would not have all of the access granted by the functions defined in the web service.
Fixed an issue where auto-analyse tooltip option would appear on codisplay child charts
Fixed an issue where calculated fields on sub queries would lose their conditional formats when you edit the report.
Fixed an issue where charts on a cross tab report, and non auto dimension colour charts, did not retain some formats when the chart or report was copied
Fixed an issue where combination charts would not render if the colour field was a dimension, and one of the values was null. Fixed this so the null is treated as an empty string for the chart.
Fixed an issue where default filter values could incorrectly show as applied on reports that attempt to load the last filter values applied.
Fixed an issue where default filter values were being applied instead of empty filter values when loading report bookmarks .
Fixed an issue where if a export contained content from another client organisation, the export process would not be possible
Fixed an issue where if you had a basic category auto chart or trellis chart, added average aggregation to the metric and had nulls in your dataset for that metric, the value would not be averaged correctly.
Fixed an issue where long running reports cannot be send by email from the popup options
Fixed an issue where null behaviour (skip, break, zero) on a crosstab time series chart was not working.
Fixed an issue where on some charts the conditional formatting did not show in the legend for metric colours
Fixed an issue where report on report views created in a client organisation could be seen in other organisations
Fixed an issue where the aggregation option was showing in the chart series menu for trending fields
Fixed an issue where the conditional formatting option was shown on a non cross tab multi pie chart when it was not applicable
Fixed an issue where the dashboard does not display the latest report cached result
Fixed an issue where the field Category order is lost when cloning a view for edit.
Fixed an issue where the series conditional formatting menu was showing on non auto chart category charts when the chart had a dimension colour, when the menu was not applicable.
Fixed an issue where the view favourite was not retained when the view was edited via cloning.
Fixed an issue where URI generation for dashboard share links with filters did not work.
Fixed an issue where user groups cannot be edited and the number of people in the group is not updated when creating a new user in certain circumstances
Fixed an issue with automated insights, so that we don't compare numeric analytical advanced functions
Fixed an issue with notification emails, that a task has been assigned in the case of a broadcast failure, are now sent again.
Fixed an issue with report broadcasts on legacy clusters
Fixed an issue with saving Client Orgs with speciifc timezones.
Fixed an issue with saving comments when using a case sensitive database.
Fixed an issue with the Share Popup when there are too many people in the distribution search pool.
Fixed an Oh No error when attempting to delete content from a parent Org.
Fixed issue which prevented showing minimum and maximum default filter values for filters with Value List Selection and Cache Values.
Fixed problem refreshing cached filter values when data source substitution is configured.
Fixed the chart thumbnail camera icon so it correctly displays a thumbnail of the chart in a new window.
Fixed XSS vulnerability on profile setting page for user timezone.
User without the right to create a new view (button not available) can now select the last element in the view list when creating a new report.
When changing a user's password, the plaintext password will not be returned to the user unless the password is reset by the Administrator.

Yellowfin BI 7.4.9
Build: 20190205
Published:  5th Feb 2019

Resolved Issues: 7

13714Fixed an issue on the report builder that caused issues in some cases when the report had no fields in it yet.
13578Fixed an issue where additional tooltip fields would erroneously aggregate on category charts.
13400Fixed an issue that prevented grouping data for freehand sql calculated fields.
13269Fixed an issue where labels on GIS Google maps would appear as broken images.
13125Fix predefined filters not being generated correctly for time and timestamp fields.
12973Fixed JSON error on report design page when opening the co-display formatting panel.
13434Fixed an issue that would prevent a user from editing a calculated field on a report with advanced sub queries.
13650Fixed problem where publishing a report based on a cloned view led to a performance issues.
Yellowfin BI 7.4.8
Build: 20181221
Published: 21st Dec 2018

Enhancements: 11

13017 Added option to stop reports from running within the same session when switching dashboard tabs
13016 Cut down the number of HTTP requests that are required to fully display a report by combining all chart and canvas images into the main report HTML download.
12596 Added link to top of Activity Stream to redirect users to the content a post was created on
12395 Data Transformation role is now on by default for System Administrator role for new installs
12387 Enabled shared, broadcast, and scheduled reports to be generated with tabbed co-displays attached when using XLSX.
11431 Added the ability to sort co-display/drill through reports.
11391 Added option to force global Language overdding user/browser options.
9877 Created web-service call to to allow customisation of view columns for each client org
7675 Added low memory print option into report export settings to spare out-of-memory exception and improve efficiency
6245 Automatically Wrap Cell Text on XLSX Exports
12481 Updated German translation

Resolved issues: 82

Issue key Custom field (Change Log Comments)
13312 Fixed issue where xlsx exports fail wtih Suppress Duplicates
13262 Fxied issue where advanced timezone converter & numeric devide converter would disappear
13204 Fixed issue when report running fails after deleting a table from a view with Clone mode
13153 Fixed chart thumbnails on chart & design pages
13138 Fixed issse that stopped you creating append sub-query reports.
13111 Fixed incorrect section totals in multi-sectioned reports.
12986 Fixed an issue with the Yellowfin installer which prevented versions previous from 7.3.5 to upgrade to 7.4 and 8.
12897 Fixed an issue with the time slider and timestamp time series charts, where the time slider preview would be incorrect.
12874 Plugin classes packaged together in one jar are now all detected.
12868 Stopped Auto Analysis Explanations from only being displayed in Japanese
12859 Fixed an issue where custom colours were not working on combination charts
12778 Fixed UI issue on content selection side box of task creation
12745 Fixed an issue with Drill to Dashboard links breaking on report edit.
12744 Fixed missing members list on discussions
12691 Fixed a problem with pivot time series charts where it may produce an error generating the chart while using additional tooltip fields.
12681 Fixed blank screen on Analytic setup on dashboards when scrolling.
12678 Fixed an issue that caused the annotation popup would get stuck on the spinning wheel loader.
12648 Fixed an issue where line settings were not available for combination charts in the series settings menu
12591 Fixed issue where chrome was displaying confirm dialog boxes with white lines through them
12570 Fixed issue where Chrome version 65 made white lines appear in almost all buttons
12534 Fixed issue where layered bar charts were not rendering
12525 Fixed an error that prevented upgrading from 7.1. to 7.4
12451 Fixed an issue that caused an NPE when the run logs of a queued ETL process is accessed.
12445 Fixed an issue that prevented exporting a report with multi-line content from being formatted correctly.
12444 Fixed an issue where reports with multi-line text fields were not formatted correctly when exported to PDF
12441 Fixed an issue that exposed some database information when a custom Ajax call is made to the View Creation action.
12424 Added permission checks to view creation so that an unauthorised user may no longer access them via manually entered URLs
12389 Fixed user role update request to allow accessible roles for client orgs
12386 Fixed an issue that prevented reports with co-displays from being exported to XLSX with reports in the correct order.
12377 Issue was resolved for View filter schedules not saving properly
12303 Fixed an issue that prevented filters from being applied to reports when the report was maximised from a dashboard.
12055 Fixed z-chart tooltip titles that were showing the wrong time period values.
11986 Fixed broadcast filter values to correctly show the filters values being applied for the broadcast.
11982 Fixed issue with validation of fields to be excluded from Data Discovery calculations due to too many unique values.
11970 Fixed issue where UUID data type as "Unknown" for postgres
11958 Fixed issue with validation of fields to be excluded from Data Discovery calculations due to too many unique values.
11914 Resolved issue where section totals were not calculating correctly for reports, both regular and crosstab with single section reports
11897 Fixed an issue that prevented user-uploaded images from showing in a few areas (namely Timeline and Activity Stream).
11893 Fixed an issue where multiple uses of a meter chart would cause chart rendering to slow down.
11881 Added Report View Source Parameter loading to the Report View Source caching
11868 Fixed an issue where comparative conditional formatting was not working on charts, and where it was not possible to change the aggregation on a metric if it appeared more than once on a chart.
11854 Fixed an issue that would caused scatter auto charts with a colour dimension field and trends to fall over.
11811 Fixed an issue that caused drilling through on embedded reports to not apply the correct filtering.
11792 Fixed an issue that caused the scrollbar to not appear for a conformation popup in ETL
11783 The configurable parameter ExecutionQueueMaximumExecutionTime has been fixed to force cancellation of report execution after a given amount of time
11616 Improved report running calls to ensure that long running reports don't block browser HTTP connections while they are running
11543 Fixed an issue that a view filter refresh schedule is not enabled when it was created
11429 Fixed a NumberFormatException in Storyboards
11376 Fixed the error of missing access list of persons when cloning a view
11363 Fixed issue where trying to post invalid comments prevented adding other comments
11362 Fixed errors happening when opening preparation page for a view with unavailable tables
11279 Fixed the hung process when using standalone importer
11183 Made story board theme title mandatory.
10985 Fixed issue where refreshing filters removed default predefined values
10977 Fixed an issue that caused Section Format Settings to hang on the Report Output page.
10961 Fixed an issue where reports moved horizontally during loading
10923 Fixed an issue where users could move content into approval only folders without permission
10831 Fixed issue where Link to URL Option would to show Display text in case of Null values.
10781 Parameter filter values are now passed from parent to child during drill through.
10780 Drill through filter linking enabled for parameter filters.
10604 Fixed PDF report exports to reflect current user's timezone in custom headers
10585 Display error message and block further editing when a user tries to edit a report based on a view which has been cloned by another user. Also fix the error which occurs on publishing a report based on a cloned view.
10418 Added access check for pulling user list webservice
10244 7.3 & 7.4 Comparative Conditional Formatting on Meter Charts were not aggregated
10217 Fix an issue of overlapping shapes when chart slider has timestamp values
10038 Thumbnails now cannot be accessed unless authenticated
9959 Implemented XXE security fix
9927 Fixed issue where sorting for linked column values.
9862 Fixed an issue that prevented styles for some report elements from being applied correctly.
9725 Changed the filter updating on Dashboards to correctly update all brushing for reports on Dashboards
9609 Fixed an error when exporting column based reports with suppress duplicates that caused rendering issues.
9548 Fixed an issue where on Raster Maps the Reference Code formatted display text was not being used in the tooltip, but instead was using the actual value.
9389 Change data-source from view summary is back in.
8895 The tooltip intersection line for time series charts no longer appears outside of the chart plot area.
8557 Updated xercesImpl jar to 2.12
8509 Fixed error when deleting CSV sub view and hiding CSV sub views from browse page
7554 Fixed an issue that caused layout issues when exporting a report to PDF.
6912 Fixed an issue where comparative conditional formatting for Compare Column and Percentage of Column were not working on Pie charts.
6172 Added new option to allow "Link to URL" to not include the External Base URL when using the "Local" URL type setting.
5971 Fixed an issue that caused empty values to be displayed for filters when creating a report from a CSV file.
10539 Added dimension colours to all timeseries and category based charts which are not auto charts. Additionally added trending to cross tab charts. 
Yellowfin BI 7.4.7
Build: 20180824
Published: 24th Aug 2018

Enhancements: 15

11026 Implemented functionality to apply filters at dashboard through URL parameters.
10249 Modifications to HTTP request infrastructure to enable more detailed monitoring.
9269 The Yellowfin silent update installer now has an option to independently upgrade just the YF DB.
7741 Added validation of Referer in http header for CSRF
5073 Added the ability to migrate private content to a new user when a user is being deleted.
11764 Additional translations for Chinese and Japanese text
11640 Added a missing image file for canvas.
11312 Functions in the Advanced Function window are now displayed based on the native type.
11264 Added ability to disable XMLA cache on olap cubes.
10362 KPI metrics now have their respective Advanced/Analytic Function applied when their values are calculated.
10262 Conditionally formatted cells will now change the colour of text if it is difficult to see on the selected background colour.
8507 Filter drop down in the Filter Step of an ETL transformation will now sort alphabetically.
7408 Allowed users to take gs file with a name holding more longer than 40 characters.
5241 Show table names for fields in the view summary of a report used as a view.
11580 Fixed performance issues while retrieving formats for reports and charts, particularly for charts on canvas.

Resolved issues: 71

11853 Fixed issue with supress duplicates & sections not displaying correctly.
11851 Fixed issue with supress duplicates returning error.
11836 Fixed a bug that was preventing link sliders from appearing on Dashboards.
11804 Fixed NPE when create some auto-charts with timestamps.
11737 Fixed an issue where metric range colours were not displaying correctly on timeseries bar charts.
11671 Fix oh-no error when setting reference code as the format of filter.
11625 Fixed an issue that prevented custom thousand and decimal separators from being applies properly.
11540 Stopped View-level filter custom-queries from wiping during import.
11528 Fixed an issue where sometimes the tooltips wouldn't become persistent with a mouse left click.
11526 Fix the error of missing task schedule for updating cached values of view level filter after importing a view
11397 Fixed issue where sub-total was not displayed correclty.
11370 Fixed a bug which was causing Data Transformation flows having a report input step to be imported without the link to the report.
11299 Remove references of unavailable access filter from Custom query cached filters.
11292 Fixed an issue where an Auto Discrete multiple metric time series chart with multiple trends would not render.
11037 Fixed oh-no error happening on importing Yellowfin Audit Content the second time.
11025 Fixed error when using SQL Server as output for data transformation.
11008 Fixed a bug where csv input for data transformation step, where it would run forever when the file has more than one empty line in the end.
11005 Fixed a bug that using a very long sql statement in Freehand SQL Input Step with Oracle database does not update
10971 Fixed a pagination issue that was showing the wrong number of rows in a report table when using totals and/or subtotals.
10943 Fixed a bug which was preventing views having grouped data fields from being replaced during import
10935 Prevented labels incorrectly appearing on trend lines after upgrading.
10905 Fixed an error in fetching Data Transformation run log data when Oracle is used as the repository database.
10887 Fixed a bug that caused an error when total token replacement in text widgets was used for calculated fields.
10871 Fixed an issue where the 'save changes' pop up would appear incorrectly on the administration configuration page.
10864 Fixed an issue that allowed a user without edit permissions to edit a report that they were approving.
10835 Fixed an issue that caused some top level folders to not be shown on the browse page.
10758 Fixed a bug that prevented custom font-size in column totals.
10659 The order of chart thumbnails in the Chart Builder page now match the order of thumbnails in the Report Design page.
10655 Fixed an issue with OLAP calculated fields that span sub queries which would cause report generation to fail.
10649 Fixed issue for view level filter groups for parent & child reports.
10648 Fixed oh no error when there is any change that recreates metadata fields in a step connected to the union step for Data transormation.
10581 Fixed Issue with Avatar thumbnail sizing on Activity Stream resolved.
10526 Fixed a bug because of which the Yellowfin Columnar DB was rejecting queries having predefined date filter values.
10449 Fixed an issue where setting up discovery on very large reports would cause the server to become overloaded and browser requests to fail.
10321 Fixed a vulnerability issue on the user settings page.
10206 Resolved an issue when switching time units on a time series chart.
10119 Removed non-standard SQL filtering options used by the deprecated Big Query driver.
10080 When comparing dimensions for Instant Insights text will no longer overflow.
9982 Column data and border formats are now retained when applying advanced functions.
9950 Fixed an issue where comparing non-numerically-formatted fields with discovery would cause blank range values on the compare narrative.
9947 Discovery panel on chart builder page no longer has extra spacing.
9938 Fixed a bug where suppress duplicates would remove all displayed images or icons except the first one when using the html formatter.
9861 Side panel is now hidden for users with no level of assited discovery access
9763 Fixed an issue where no permissions for javascript charts did not show a warning message when seen on dashboards
9726 Fixed the number of new comments to be reflect to the current subtab/slide instead of counting all subtabs/slides
9714 Fixed FTP broadcast Unicode filename errors.
9690 Fixed an issue that caused the blue 'to top arrow' to be missing, or not appear under certain conditions.
9534 Fixed an error on dashboards when running an analysis after switching tabs
9481 Fixed an issue where poll respondent user icons were overlapping each other
9424 Fixed an issue that Yellowfin crashes when exporting excel files from Reports having Apostrophe at the beginning or the end in their names
8992 Fixed an issue where subtabs would not be shown with a scroll bar when there are more than can fit in the space provided.
8827 Fixed an issue that prevented border styles from being applied correctly to certain fields on a cross-tab report
8772 Fixed issue when changing Alert Data for configured Delivery Rules in Smart Task.
8624 Fixed an issue where non-multicast licences could broadcast to external users
8564 Newly added columns in a source database table will now be available in FreehandSQL views.
8492 Fixed NPE occurring when copying/removing EventTypeCode field in Yellowfin Audit View.
8373 Fixed an issue that reports do not return data when drilling down by GIS Google Map.
8347 Fixed an issue that translations are not being done in data profile suggestions in View.
8065 Fixed problem where empty values where sometimes being generated for narratives.
7927 Fixed an issue where in several cases on cross tab charts, the colour order of the configuration colours was not honoured with the order of the series
7659 Fixed an issue that prevented Between filters on dates from having the start date be equivalent to the end date.
7216 Fixed an error that allowed users to create a report from report view that had a dependency on itself.
6472 Fixed an issue that showed the totals of columns with analytical functions applied to them.
6408 Fixed an issue where maximising reports on dashboards caused the reports to become blank
6273 Reports with conditional format icons will now appear when exported to HTML or DOCX.
6074 Fixed an issue causing reports to be hidden behind side bar when creating a new report or editing an existing one.
6031 Fixed an error that caused report level filters to be applied to dashboards reports after expanding a report from the dashboard
5935 Fixed the 'Sections > Settings' pop up so that it closes even if a 'Report Field' is not chosen.
5864 Fixed an issue where case sensitive databases had an error with the field FullName.
5434 Fixed an issue that redirected users to the main login page when being linked to public content.
5191 Fixed an issue where a filter value was already selected by default (but not applied) on some dashboards and reports.
11171 Fixed an issue where some views would fail to import with a NPE.

Latest Release Change Log updates:

Yellowfin BI 7.4.6 
Build: 20180712
Published: 12th June, 2018

Enhancements: 21

10279 Ability to click on insight charts to zoom them.
9963 Added "Admin mode" and web services to enable/disable it.
9087 Added a configuration setting to allow the IP Address on the Session Management page to be hidden.
9243 Added a service to delete orphan Smart Analysis reports.
10346 Added an enhancement so that its possible to limit a Treemap to a maximum number of squares or by all values over a certain % of the total.
9590 Added options to select/deselect all checkboxes for Indexes and Where Clause in the Database Output Data Transformation step.
7421 Added the ability to fill in missing granularity time periods on time series line charts with either null (to break the line) or zero.
9871 An email added to the user line when finding broadcast recipients.

To hide email, please add HIDE_EMAIL_IN_USER_SEARCH property to the configuration table as TRUE
10920 Bundle email broadcasts to multiple recipients with CC rather than individual emails.
9334 Horizontal bar charts no longer have their labels cut off on the left or right side of the chart when the label is placed at the end of the bar.
10709 Implemented Etag caching mechanisms for dynamic image resources.
5120 View builder field settings, users will be able to see the Display Name of the table that was used to create the field.
2463 Increased text size in the group data pop up in the report builder.
6530 Cached filter refresh propagation changes to improve performance when using client orgs.
9396 New methods to create ContributionChangePhraseGenerator narratives
10248 Prime content caches on startup.
10369 Stability and logging improvements in for the Task Scheduler.
10761 Updated Japanese & Chinese translations.
8048 Upgraded Tomcat to version 8.5.28
9754 When running insights in the report builder, a warning is now given if yellowfin detects that it is likely to be a slow running process.

Add support for Exasol batch inserts, greatly increasing performance for Transformation Flow output to Exasol.

Resolved issues:

10419 'Equal To' filters are now able to be linked to 'In List' filters for drill through.
9678 Link is not available' page to display when a guest role user logs in but has no access to any pages.
9649 Added a new like button to activity stream root comments
9926 Added a new role function so that the system wide header and footer options now can be turned off
8864 Added alert message when calculated field used in report is updated and 'Auto Analysis' charts have already been generated.
10278 Added dependency for sources used for custom query filters when importing/exporting view
10375 Added missing prebuilt content for Custom Query view level filters in Ski Team
10589 Added to the list of mime-types that can be compressed by Tomcat
10121 Addition of 'Append Broadcast Date' button
10194 Additional thread cancelling points added to post query processes.
10374 Added a record in the database so that the custom series style toggle is automatically switched to custom when upgrading.
7805 Broadcast settings options are no longer available when a source has passthrough authentication turned on.
10162 Changed some texts in Date Period Extractor function
10392 Changed the label of the Group Data step in the inline transforms menu.
9702 Charts and narratives are now shown when Auto Analysis is run from the Report Output page for a report with cached filters.
10740 Correct Aggregate Step calculation for decimal numbers
9964 Discovery/insights chart titles no longer overlap pin icon
5992 Edited the CSS related to advanced function so that the line appears between fields/functions in Firefox.
7522 Column Formatting 'Data'. Moved some format options out of the Default/Custom toggle so they are accessible without making a custom style.
10501 enable UI of setting broadcast delivery rule for 3rd party report
10261 Fix cross site script/script injection issue on admin content settings page and relevant output
10457 Fixed "oh an error occurred loading your content from database " while adding a new role and user
10560 Fixed a problem with HTML report broadcast where report formatting data styles could override column formatting data styles.
11436 Fixed an error causing scheduled filter refresh jobs for view level cached filters to fail instantly
11051 Fixed an error in running the Freehand SQL Data Transformation step when the sql statement has newline characters.
9981 Fixed an issue because of which Number Precision, Substring and Whitespace inline steps' titles were not getting translated properly
7149 Fixed an issue causing error values to be displayed while editing the height and width of an image when designing a report.
10591 Fixed an issue in the Date Component transformation step wherein the Date Function: "Week" when used in the "Week of Year".
7500 Fixed an issue in the view builder that caused a field to be highlighted even when it is not selected.
8421 Fixed an issue that caused buttons in an ETL confirmation popup to be out of place in IE 11
4921 Fixed an issue that caused filters created from parameters to retain their default value when a bookmark, or snapshot, is made out of a report.
4941 Fixed an issue that caused the horizontal scrollbar on dashboard sub tabs to be hidden in some cases.
2621 Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect error message to be displayed when uploading a image to a report.
10413 Fixed an issue that caused the run logs history of an ETL process to show no steps when there are large number of steps in the transformation
10410 Fixed an issue that caused XSS to be processed when naming a new sub tab on a dashboard.
10468 Fixed an issue that crashed reports that used totals on fields formatted with the link formatter. Improved the replacement of values which now works on the link and on the display text.
8473 Fixed an issue that creating a new view will add a lot of duplicated Dimensions and Measures field folders
8730 Fixed an issue that drill anywhere did not work for reports that were created from Cached Views
10178 Fixed an issue that sometimes caused user search boxes to not popup any suggestions when used on certain pages
10389 Fixed an issue that sometimes searching for fields in ETL Calculated Field do not return the correct results even though the search string is correct
10019 Fixed an issue that the top of some Japanese characters in White Space popup of Transformation Flow is cut off
9424 Fixed an issue that Yellowfin crashes when exporting excel files from Reports having Apostrophe at the beginning or the end in their names
10390 fixed an issue when adding a new rule in Find and Replace step, input values still stay (it should clear all the values)
10068 Fixed an issue when an output step trying to write to an unavailable data source, several Null Pointer Exceptions are thrown
6454 Fixed an issue when imports dashboard with drill down links, the option was not set up properly.
8444 Fixed an issue when there are problems testing third party connection, it still shows "Connected succesfully"
9826 Fixed an issue where access filter queries were not being run on the correct data source.
9675 Fixed an issue where analysis chart generation would fail on some large datasets.
10519 Fixed an issue where changing tabs on the content settings page could incorrectly display an 'unsaved changes' message.
10367 Fixed an issue where client orgs couldn't be created when the time zone was being set to 'GMT'
10796 Fixed an issue where cross tab reports with advanced functions would show an "oh no" error.
9788 Fixed an issue where drill links on the colour field of a cross tab time series chart was not being generated
6219 Fixed an issue where duplicate favourite reports were being loaded
10788 Fixed an issue where exports would break if a report with a multi chart canvas was included, and all elements were removed from the canvas.
9812 Fixed an issue where filter ids were not being populated when a webservice call was made with a report url
10213 Fixed an issue where First and Last name on the Dashboard Help popup were not escaped
9403 Fixed an issue where it was possible to rename a file to exploit XSS when using the image manager.
5650 Fixed an issue where line shapes and thickness were not used on pivot charts when the setting was used in the chart settings panel
10233 Fixed an issue where metric grouped data would sometimes not auto-group a high outlier band when there was only one non-outlier group produced via statistical analysis
10187 Fixed an issue where parameters were not saved as the linked filter of a drill through.
10936 Fixed an issue where some types of calc fields in subquery reports would not parse correctly and cause the report to fail.
10015 Fixed an issue where the cached filter refresh value would not load the correct values when opening the filter format panel in the report builder.
5964 Fixed an issue where the canvas text widget properties menu would incorrectly display a scrollbar.
10138 Fixed an issue where the importing of a file would fail when a drill anywhere bookmark was not exported with all the information needed
7144 Fixed an issue where the preferences cog would disappear when designing a canvas
9240 Fixed an issue where users without role access could create broadcast smart tasks
11480 Fixed an issue with tree map chart tooltips presenting the wrong values.
7025 Fixed dynamic date comparisons for broadcast delivery rules
10496 Fixed incorrect text on 'changed filters' warning message for discovery
9490 Fixed issue when chart with Set Analysis and Variance functions is copied in ChartBuilder.
7142 Fixed issue where copying a view would cause the default field categories to be added to it.
10348 Fixed issue where tables with leading or trailing whitespace would cause an error when dragging into the viewbuilder.
9623 Fixed issue with imported FreehandMDX reports, which lose all the report fields when saved after editing.
10938 Fixed problem where upgrades from 7.2 did not correctly carry through the data source broadcast and subscribe permissions after upgrading.
5939 Fixed series names from being cut off in dashboard series selection setup
6463 Fixed text alignment for headings in translation export page.
10073 Fixed the '+' button in the 'find and replace' inline step so that the cursor changes to a pointer and the button turns blue when hovered over.
8219 Fixed the import page so that items are not cut off when files with long names are imported.
8816 Fixed the issue that conditional drill through links did not appear on report
5898 Fixed view builder issue where tables in different schema with the same table name would 'shadow' each other.
8077 Fixes an issue where background colours related to report fields would not appear when upgrading from Yellowfin 7.1 to 7.3+ releases.
11137 Ignore null values to correct Aggregate Step calculations for avg, count and count distinct functions
10214 Improved memory usage when creating insights
10581 Issue with Avatar thumbnail sizing on Activity Stream resolved.
9471 Modified the font when tagging a user in a comment to be the same size as the rest of the comment.
10486 importing a DataSource having multiple Access Filters which are specified by SQL Queries, you can now choose "existing" users can choose a source/report for each Access Filter.
7406 Remove duplicated vertical scrollbar and display horizontal scrollbar in the viewbuilder's "Prepare" page in Firefox. This was appearing on resizing the browser window.
9611 Removed gap between Auto Analysis Title and Help
7783 Report Export has been modified to export numeric values as TEXT when keep formatting is turned on and suffix, prefix or thousands separator is on
4919 Resolve DB deadlock issue when deleting multiple items on browse page
9369 Resolved an issue that caused reports that contained timestamp filters which were created in pre-7.1 versions of Yellowfin and that were using the "Current Date +/-" function to work incorrectly
10232 Resolved an issue where numeric charts were not formatting metric values with data level formats
9569 Running "Compare Metrics" Auto-Analysis does not generate blank narrative anymore.
9420 Show 'Delete Version' as the Flow option instead of 'Delete', when editing an already published flow
6035 Updated incorrect error text when broadcast start and end date are equal
10077 Updated records created by older versions of YF so that the custom column formatting for borders is automatically set to custom upon upgrade.
9482 Updated the timeline comment panel close button to be an X, instead of an arrow.
10769 When chart widgets were moved in the Edit canvas, these changes were not being reflected in the Preview canvas. This has been fixed so that both canvases should show these changes.
10565 Content folders that have the same name but were in different client orgs will no longer move other client orgs content to a different folder hierarchy, when the folder moves to a different parent folder.
10155 When using a timestamp field that has been formatted as a Date at the view level it will now appear as a Date Filter in the filter menu.
10201 When using Postgres as a data source, and trying to create freehand SQL View with volatile sources enabled. You get "SQL statement is invalid". This has been fixed.

Yellowfin BI 7.4 - build 20180515
7.4 February End of Month Patch
Published: 15th May, 2018

Enhancements: 30

9265 A pop up msg box indicating the row count now shows up when user applies a step
9070 Added a data transformation step to allow extraction of date components from date fields
9353 Added a hidden configuration to allow the 'Reset' button for filters on Dashboard to reset Drill as well as Filters when pressed
9765 Added a 'Numeric to Date' and 'numeric to timestamp' converter to be used in Views and Transformations
9766 Added a 'Numeric To Text' converter for use in Views and Transformations
9526 Added an option for horizontal bar charts to place a label outside of the bar when it does not fit inside the bar
9587 Added grouped data on Transformations for date fields
9586 Added grouped data on Transformations for numeric fields
6329 Added grouped data on Transformations for text fields
6333 Added option to convert nulls to zero for numeric fields in Transformations
7877 Added pdf file security options for broadcasts (normal, personal and ftp schedule)
5304 Added support for labels in line charts and combination charts
9210 Addition of a menu and an option to edit the report
9198 Expanded the parameters of the FILTER token for the text widget so that it can output raw or formatted values, and a string can be defined for empty filters
9108 Fixed an issue that caused a null pointer error when reading a corrupted run log
9584 Grouped data transformations are now able to be imported and exported
9769 Implemented 'Date Period Extractor' function
8422 Implemented Activity Stream in ETL Page
10082 Implemented an option to specify the thousands separator for Delimited File Input in Data Transformation and CSV Views
9022 Implemented Find and Replace Inline step
10086 Transformations now retain all of the inline transforms from a step when deleting the link
9114 Schedule management webservices have been upgraded
9425 Take 200 as maximum row count to select data from report table in ETL Preview Page
9538 Transformation steps now have a subcategory in the list view which they are organised by
9013 Transformations Flow Mapping editor now has an 'auto-map' button which will automatically match fields by name and data type
10142 Updated ETL to process up to 10,000 rows per step when in run in preview mode. This limit can be updated from the process config
8433 User logged in at client org level can only see Background execution items for that client organisation, unless viewing from default org
7202 We have added functionality which allows reference lines in charts to have a different label font and size
9350 Improved performance for some reports using tabbed co-displays when navigating between tabs.
10141 Implemented a change to allow for faster multiplication of matrices by diagonal matrices.

Resolved Issues: 109

56 Added a new japanese font 'HanaMinA' which has better character support than the other Japanese fonts.
9789 Added fixes to LogLikelihood function to account for cases that were causing NaN
9781 Added some checks to stop errors in the case where no report is generated for a particular codisplay when running a broadcast
10029 Added update job to fix the inline steps that were not linked back to the parent step
9906 Added validation to allow only certain file types to be uploaded
10139 Report input step will not fail if report's access filters does not match the user
8538 Blue border is now removed when deleting comments on activity stream
7592 Changes to allow user to disable Auto Discovery on the View without having to enter a value in the mandatory field
6246 Cloned views now retain the original's content folder
7587 Column with long names no longer shown in different rows
9430 Count timestamp field in report filter as dimension
10247 Display input step panel and panel headers when user set page header as none
10095 Display raw numeric values in ETL filter list , append ellipsis to over flow filter values
8043 Drod down data is no longer duplicated
6244 Enabled user to move views to the other folder in browser page
9885 Enforced a minimum decimal precision for CSV cache table fields. This makes it less likely for new values to overflow the column and cause an error, while still saving space.
9597 Export deleted image as a valid item, removed alerts on the missing reference
9326 Fix errors in exporting and importing charts with trend
8760 Fix for Linked Chart brushing which was failing with the date fields.
10036 Fix issue where deleting a field from an input step which had inline steps would sometimes cause errors
9948 Fixed the issue when error messaged overlay would not remove after hitting OK.
8506 Fixed a bug in the Freehand SQL Data Transformation step, when the SQL Validation message was empty
9443 Fixed a null pointer exception that occurred when attempting to broadcast a report with an empty canvas
9620 Fixed a problem that NPE is thrown when creating Views or Single Table Input Step
9892 Fixed a vulnerability in dashboards sub tab names
7039 Fixed an error that occurred while attempting to share a storyboard via email
9543 Fixed an error that would occur when attempting to add a geopack while using a case sensitive database
9868 Fixed an error which occurred when calling a report via webservices which has sectioned tabs and mandatory filters
10168 Fixed an issue in third party table step, when changing any ETL Field names, the data returned in preview panel do not match the field names anymore
9694 Fixed an issue that allowed users to publish incomplete transformations
9995 Fixed an issue that caused a second tab in the data preview panel to not render properly
10071 Fixed an issue that caused an error when there was a large number of fields in the Union or Output Step
9905 Fixed issues when adding some inline functions
10154 Fixed an issue that caused an exception when the user tries to enter a large Japanese comment
9665 Fixed an issue that caused an exception when trying to save a private transformation that has no users with delete access
9619 Fixed an issue that caused certain DB data types not to be recognized in ETL
Fixed an issue that caused the output step in ETL to fail if there was a field that ha a space in its name
9607 Fixed an issue that caused HTML tags to appear in texts and causes a scroll bar to appear on ETL page
10083 Fixed an issue that caused the step inspector to render incorrectly when the step had a really long name
10056 Fixed an issue that caused the union step to re-order its input fields
9721 Fixed an issue that did not allow transformation to be published.
9510 fixed an issue that doing data profile in view has an infinite loop
9673 fixed an issue that ETLStepOption to store Filters still remains in the DB when all the filters are removed in Table Input Step
10037 fixed an issue that merge fields lose colours when removing fields from the input step in the Configure tab and reapplying those fields again
10240 Fixed an issue that prevented the full Yellowfin install on Oracle DB from working.
9427 Fixed an issue that Report step with access filters throws error
6122 Fixed an issue that resulted in not recognizing certain Oracle specific data types.
4960 fixed an issue that view access code was not saved properly when clicking publish button
10118 Fixed an issue that when importing a transformation with report input step, user cannot edit or delete any other reports unless the transformation is deleted
5777 Fixed an issue that would prevent the License Management page from loading for users with language set to Italian.
9934 Fixed an issue when dragging an input step, 2 loaders appear
9911 Fixed an issue when excluding a field or 2 same mapped fields from the previous step, it throws NPE
10043 Fixed an issue when the document file is not copied correctly when copying the process/step
9067 Fixed an issue where a chart wouldn't render when brushing time series area/line charts by clicking a single value.
9816 Fixed an issue where a javascript error would be thrown when the hide comments role is turned on
9445 Fixed an issue where advanced functions on OLAP fields would throw exceptions if they had the "Grouped by dimension" option enabled.
7950 Fixed an issue where an auto chart would display an error when applying a count distinct aggregation to a chart field which contained null values.
10382 Fixed an issue where attaching content in the activity stream was missing (Report, Dashboard, ect)
9483 Fixed an issue where comments would be posted multiple times if you clicked rapidly
8842 Fixed an issue where editing a user could result in an error screen being displayed
9568 Fixed an issue where exports would appear empty on certain yellowfin instances, when their install key is missing
9084 Fixed an issue where Google Maps charts couldn't be shared because they were classified as Javascript charts
9830 Fixed an issue where it was not possible to configure the role settings in a way so that dashboards could be emailed only
9838 Fixed an issue where line charts with yearly comparison on time series would not open the chart settings menu
10156 Fixed an issue where LISTSCHEDULE webservice would not include some schedule types, such as broadcasts or system tasks
4770 Fixed an issue where not approved text was not capitalised for private approval reports.
9794 Fixed an issue where on a auto chart bar chart, single dimension, multiple metric, if a dimension field was placed in the axis with the metrics, it was not marked as a problem field
9063 Fixed an issue where opening Javascript charts when they're disabled doesn't display a visible error
9610 Fixed an issue where scatter charts with trends would not be migrated or imported correctly.
10150 Fixed an issue where sometimes labels in bar charts would appear overlapped or blurry
9900 Fixed an issue where the calc field popup was rendering a body-scroll in the Data Transformations page.
9806 Fixed an issue where the favourites of an inactive user could cause an exception in the activity stream
8045 Fixed an issue where the tooltip placement would be wrong on pop ups
6062 Fixed an issue where trying to delete a view field which is used as the basis for a date hierarchy, grouped data, calculated, or custom function field would show an error explaining that the field was in use by by reports, even when it was not
10254 Fixed an issue where users without the correct role permissions were able to create new views
8808 Fixed an issue where using cached filter values with stored procedures would not display any values
9841 Fixed an issue where zooming in when editing a storyboard caused the storyboard to throw an 'oh no' error
10010 Fixed an issue with column name in case sensitive databases for Event data
10027 Fixed an issue with oracle where the content folder private security list would not load
123 Fixed and issue where pre-defined filters on dashboard were not reset properly when clicking reset
9109 Fixed calc field issue for subquery reports where a 'where' clause predicate which was only partially contained in brackets would fail to parse correctly. Eg. CASE WHEN (expr OR expr) AND expr THEN ...
7760 Fixed drag drop issue in report builder and chart builder while drag drop a field in its same position will freeze all fields
9484 Fixed issue where importing a data source with access filters would fail if the system or import did not include the target reports or sources
8912 Fixed issue where virtual tables in views would not have their columns loaded correctly when config parameter CHECKSCHEMAFORUSER is set to TRUE
6162 Fixed issue with saving a report broadcast after clicking the Subscribe and Unsubscribe button(s)
6218 Fixed issue with SSO WebService with entry=CREATEREPORT parameter in the URL
9625 Fixed narrative showing incorrect date ranges when doing a date comparison
9630 Fixed null pointer exception when using TopN Rank Advanced function and third party data sources
9949 Fixed problem with logging not showing the correct place the log message was coming from
7757 Fixed sorting problem in drop down lists when using auto analysis in dashboards and reports
9329 Fixed the accumulation axis from being displayed on every plot for trellis and auto charts. They should now appear as axes on the outer edges of a chart
9167 Implement TOP N on SQL Server to restrict rows returned
9933 Fix for P Values in case of logistic regression
10765 Fixed NPE with JS Charts on canvas
10796 Fixed issue where multidimensional reports with Advanced Functions never complete

Updated the YF schema so that long database URLs can be stored

9340 Adds the EXPORTCONTENTYFX function to the Administration web services to enable YFX files to be exported via a web service call
8180 Broadcast schedule for a report is not deleted anymore when user without broadcast role edits a report with a broadcast schedule
8806 Reference codes can now be added and used even when the default language for Yellowfin is changed in the database directly
4102 Resolved an issue where the Date Extrapolation advanced function would not generate new date values for a date field based on timestamps
5129 Resetting filters on a dashboard will now also reset the date slider on any report on that dashboard, like it does when viewing a report
6008 The Cached filter values in design page were not ordered properly as per the order set from format menu. Hence made the fix so that sort order is proper
6042 Resolved an issue where the save as view toggle was disabled for row based reports
6986 You will be shown a message if the autorun is disabled else the report will be run and the correct image will be shown to user
8818 Resolved an issue where converted date fields from stored procedures would not return the correct results when used as a filter
9511 Resolve an issue when there are no grouping values in column or row in a crosstab report with advanced function applied
Yellowfin BI 7.4 - build 20180313
7.4 January End of Month Patch
Published: 14th March, 2018 

Resolved Issues: 1

10027Upgrading to 7.4 from previous major releases caused secured content folders to lose it's members


Yellowfin BI 7.4 - build 20180226
7.4 January End of Month Patch
Published: 26 February, 2018

Enhancements: 14

9646Started rebranding the project, changed the login page, headers, footers, and favicons and changed izpack's splash screen.
9495Added an option that will allow reports that have drill anywhere pass the selected drill anywhere values to every basic sub-query in a report
9382Created a new Parameter implementation called PasswordParameter
9380Added configuration parameters for Data Transformations, to web.xml.
9360Improved consistency of Auto Analysis insight icons
9110Simplified the task life cycle
9049Implemented R Script Transformation
8962Repository clustering alias added to Clustering Configuration
8766Pre-populate date field on report builder data discovery if there is only one available option
8382Added new analytical function "Standard Deviation from Mean"
8078User password hashing upgraded to BCrypt.
6315A new Data Transformation Step which performs Union on two sets of data
5039Added font options for the labels on treemaps
8548Fixed an issue so that if there is a child report which is created from a parent report and if the results of parent report are truncated then same message will be shown in the child report also.

Resolved Issues: 100

9524Fixed an issue with published transformation Summary window
9827Fixed a bug which was breaking Steps which don't need any config to generate fields
Fixed a problem when connecting a step with space in any field's name to an output step, it would throw oh no error
Fixed an issue in the transformation flow that caused a field to disappear 
Fixed an issue that caused a data type mismatch when updating a table in SQL Server from ETL
9600Fixed an issue that allowed users to publish incomplete transformations
9561Fixed an issue where Javascript charts more than 3000 characters long had new lines appearing where they weren't before
9541Fix related to case sensitive database columns
9527Fixed the dynamic timestamp filters for MDX reports
9510Fixed an issue that doing data profile in view has an infinite loop
Fixed the issue of NPE when dragging out a field with advanced function,
Fixed an issue where sub tabs sometimes wrapped around to a new line
9450Fixed an issue that upgrading from 7.4 Dec to Jan failed
9437Fixed incorrect standard deviation when comparing metrics in Instant Insights
9434Compare Dates is now working
9432Fix problem running Insights in report builder
9410If a source step's fields are moved around before executing a Partial Run on its target step, cached source data gets positioned properly so that it corresponds to the fields in the source step
9395Resolved an issue where placing a field with no values
9377Display raw numeric values in Filter Step
9375enable moving views and transformations to the other folder
9356Issues with Session Replication addressed
9346No more NPE on compare metrics
9354OLAP Text fields now converted to Date/Time using converters
9341Fixed a problem with reports that have both UNION and APPEND subqueries
9337Fixed an error that allowed Client Organisation users who can modify themes to modify Primary Organisation themes
9331The precision option was being used wrongly to set the row limit during execution
9318Fixed an issue where edit comment didn't work in timeline
9316Fixed an issue where editing polls in timeline didn't allow attaching polls
9277Fixed an issue where auto chart matching was not setting problem fields correctly
9276Display filter logic for 3rd party report
9202Added options for UTF-8 with and without BOM when exporting report to CSV
9190Fixed issue where attaching content overlapped some buttons
9179Add performance improvements to validating calculated fields created on some sub query reports
9176Fixed problem where charts were not being sorted Alphanumerically
9124Fixed an issue where editing between date filters and leaving values unchanged caused an error
9176Fixed problem where charts were not being sorted Alphanumerically
9124Fixed an issue where editing between date filters and leaving values unchanged caused an error
9123Different message for section
9119Smart Analysis with group fields is now working
9103Fixed an issue where histograms would break if one of the colour values was null
9086Fixed a cross site scripting vulnerability for dashboards
9085Fixed problem in the user profile editor where changing the users own password did not
9072Fixed an issue where ovelay charts would not display all of the series in it's legend
9066Null and empty values on tooltips now appear as NULL and EMPTY, and are translated to different languages.
9065On Tree map charts that only have the metric field added, the tooltip now displays the category label as the title and the value appears by itself below.
9059Fixed an issue where null values in a Raster Map dataset would cause the map to not generate
9041Fixed an issue where suppress duplicates was not working correctly
9039Changed the activity stream to hold scroll position when a new comment is added
9021The map chart legend tooltips now show the metric label as title and the intervals below it
9007Added date pickers for date and timestamp parameter filters on dashboard
8949Replace null values with "Empty Value" string
8858Fixed problem with Variance value being incorrect in Instant Insight narratives
8793Fixed an issue where bookmarks would be lost on a report with view level filters
8741Fixed NullPointerException, which probably caused an issue with saving draft reports
8683Trends on chart have been fixed such that when hovering over trend points only the trend data is shown
8653Support SQL Server repository on case-sensitive collations
8582Hide comments and activity stream on Timeline, Storyboard, Reports, Dashboard and Browse Page when 'Hide Comments' role is enabled
8541Fixed inability to show view summary when there is a problem generating the view sql
8514No more empty Auto Analysis panel and message is shown to the user
8468Heat grids are now being generated only with up to 40 vertical values, or 15 single field horizontal values, or 12 multiple field horizontal values. If any of these limits are exceeded a Treemap is generated.
8448Pre defined and SQL are now listed in Key Variable section
8437User can change the themes if he has write access to those themes and the themes are in the client org of the user's group
8399Calculating the difference with rounded numbers, correct the result
8318Addition of a new colour for GISGEOMETRY fields
8270Fixed problem with incorrect narratives in certain situations
8179Add the third and fourth dimensions into both top N explanation and min max explanation.
8170Filled out all absent (undefined) narratives
8161Fixed problem with explanations not distinguishing between different metrics
8089Prevented an exception when data did not match the date format supplied when converting text to dates or timestamps in the view
8087Co-display reports are now added only once when report is broadcasted to a group of people
8019Insights panel now uses HTML escapes for rendering values preventing executable javascript
7987Improved error handling for auto analysis
7935Fixed problem with retrieving data using calculated fields when using smart analysis
7859Add DATEHIERARCHY fields to dimension Fields list
7917Exclude fields which has only one Pvalue
7681Added narratives to Geo Polygons and Geo Point charts
7672Added delete permission check before showing Report 'Undo Changes'
7572On Drill Down and Drill Anywhere, the new field's name is being shown under compare dimension fields and under Fields to Analyse.
7565Addition of a message when filter values added or changed, when a filter is updated or removed, or when filter advanced options are closed.
7553Get data from GeoPack when there is a GeoPack link
7544Fix problem with Insights when there is no data available due to access filters.
7527When a report has sections, sub queries or rows, make Smart Analysis unavailable but show Smart Analysis icon (grey)
7525YEAR is now always shown when 'Select Specific Year' is selected
7517Addition of tooltip for Fields to Analyse values, and for Smart Analysis dropdowns on long field names and values.
7003Fixed an issue where linking brushing from a heat grid chart would result in an error on the linked chart.
6956Prevented a blank page being shown when you click the cross at the edit or clone view page
6924Fixed an issue where series not shown on a auto generated scatter chart were still appearing in the legend
6869When using a freehand SQL report as a view, fields are now shown in subsequent reports and view summary info
6237Fixed error when sharing reports to external email addresses
5996Addition of seconds, minutes, and hours
5890Fixed issue where field usage tab would be blank in view data profile results
5167Fixed an issue where sharing a storyboard in client org caused errors
4863Fixed problem with dashboard resizing when changing tabs
4661Fixed a vulnerability with associated reports on dashboard
9051Add a configurable setting for broadcast email content size limits
5628Fixed issue where xlsx report export would not replace fullwidth versions of illegal characters for sheet names
9150Fixed issue where calculated fields in subqueries which used other calculated fields in their formula would not be able to be imported without warnings/breaking the import
8737Fixed an issue where multiple stacked total labels would be visible on a chart based on a pivot report.
9366Smart Analysis charts are now shown in activity stream
Yellowfin BI 7.4 - build 20180104
7.4 December End of Month Patch
Published: 9th Jan, 2018

Enhancements: 4

7934 Added an option to hide the percentage value in pie chart tooltips. Found under Chart Settings > Style.
6301 Added functionality to import/export data transformation flows.
8128 Fixed a UI issue so that Data Transformation's data preview panel is now vertically resizable.
8917 Added a configure option to show formatted/raw data.

Resolved Issues: 81

8851 Fixed an issue on the charts page in which a help message gets permanently dismissed when clicking 'Got It!'.
8998 Added functionality to convert empty strings to null values when using the text to SQL date converter in the View Builder.
9148 Fixed an 'error building chart' when using trends on trellis and auto charts.
9028 Fixed an error related to a SQL syntax in the data transformation module.
9107 Fixed an error that occurred when opening the view summary popup on a Freehand report.
8451 Fixed an issue to generate an alert on grouping or updating group data when Auto Analysis exists.
9177 Fixed an issue where polls were editable after voting had commenced through the Timeline.
9324 Fixed an issue where steps such as TypeConversion and Calcs may cause field positions to be incorrect when config is updated or inlines are applied.
8716 Pass the correct reportId.
7908 Added a warning to alert users when data set is changed on Drill Through and ask whether to delete auto generated charts. Same warning is shown when user changes the Analysis Style (as it dismisses the drill through results).
7369 Added functionality that allows charts with trends to be imported from a previous version into Yellowfin 7.4.
8754 Added functionality to notify user when the selected metric only has a single value.
8813 Added validation in the report input step, when a report is changed to unsupported section or cross tab.
8880 Added validation to remove external dependencies when comparing fields that no longer exist.
5633 Enabled tooltip support for touch screen devices, and hybrid devices (that use both, mouse and touch).
8356 Fixed a bug so now geo fields cannout be selected for comparison.
8406 Fixed a bug where items exported were not being counted correctly.
8688 Fixed a bug which wasn't allowing data transformation flows to be saved if the "Unique Report Names" configuration option was enabled. The option is not applicable for transformation flows and hence it won't be available.
8853 Fixed a null pointer exception that occurred when a set analysis, that is used in a variance, returns no values.
8212 Fixed a problem related to average calculation in auto chart narratives when comparing metrics in Insights.
8839 Fixed a UI issue in the report input step in which the suggestion box would appear out of the popup when scrolling.
8734 Fixed an error that sometimes caused an uploaded file name to not be displayed properly after that file had been uploaded in a Data Transformation step.
8987 Fixed an issue in Data Transformation that caused table input steps to not get data from tables that are in a different schema.
8721 Fixed an issue in the Data Transformation module where filters without values would still be submitted.
8814 Fixed an issue in which entering some characters in username and wiping it off caused authentication problem.
8906 Fixed an issue in which new lines of SQL statements would disappear when running the SQL Input Step.
8172 Fixed an issue related to the average and standard deviation calculated in auto charts.
9016 Fixed an issue so that a warning is shown when creating a new assisted discovery with a previous one already existing.
8194 Fixed an issue so that granularity in narratives has been corrected to be consistent with that in the chart.
8409 Fixed an issue so that tooltips are now shown for JavaScript API charts and web services. They are rendered in the old style format.
8690 Fixed an issue so that when brushing over an empty space, an empty brushing tooltip appears to allow the user to reset results.
8928 Fixed an issue that caused step run time not to be updated in the run log summary pop up.
8830 Fixed an issue that caused the data preview panel to increase in size when switching between tabs.
8626 Fixed an issue to allow use of empty values when comparing dimensions in the Insight Wizard, and sort order of values.
8751 Fixed an issue to change filter values from the report input step for a report with user selected filters.
8666 Fixed an issue to disable Smart Analysis when a field is moved to a section. Also show a warning about existing analysis when field is moved to section.
8178 Fixed an issue to enable Auto Analysis functionality depending on user's roles.
8989 Fixed an issue when interacting with the date slider for a chart would cause an exception. This was linked to date fields that used a converter from text to date types.
8930 Fixed an issue where a field, whose type was changed to numeric through an advanced function, was used as a colour on an auto chart it would be treated as a dimension.
9321 Fixed an issue where deleting a transformation step which had an inline transformation preceding it, would cause the flow to run forever.
8920 Fixed an issue where dropdowns became wider in certain browsers.
8249 Fixed an issue where the auto chart's narratives would be displayed in the language that the JVM was set to, rather than the langauge sent by the web browser.
8815 Fixed an issue where Top and Left Panel series selection charts did not display the correct colour.
8689 Fixed an issued which resulted from missing input fields in the calculated field transformation step.
8719 Fixed conversion of BigDecimal to String when the header in worksheet is given as a number in the Google Sheets Connector.
8718 Fixed issue where transformations could be saved without delete access and fixed issue where access cache was not flushed after an access-level change on Transformations.
8651 Prevented an exception from occurring when running a date comparison insight on a date field because of its format.
8739 Resolved an issue where the sub plots on Auto and Trellis scatter charts could become unaligned with one another.
8834 Fixed a bug in the aggregation step because of which previously aggregated fields were being retained after the field was removed from the input step.
8877 Fixed an error that would occur when you attempt to save a report as a draft that has an empty canvas.
8897 Fixed an issue in the output transformation step in which using the Create Not Exists option would result in an error in the step after the first run.
8758 Fixed an issue in which when remapping fields in a flow, partial run was triggered until the output step, instead of running only until the target step.
8510 Fixed an issue so that Auto Analysis now works on charts with a calculated field in one of the axis.
8871 Fixed an issue so that the Refine insights button shows the previous analysis settings. The button is hidden when the data set has been changed.
7930 Fixed an issue that was causing more chart area than necessary to be allocated for horizontal labels on heat grids.
9062 Fixed an issue where a GeoPack layer with tooltip fields would not render.
8503 Fixed an issue where advanced analytical functions were throwing an error when performing Assisted Discovery.
8745 Fixed an issue where dimension meter chart tooltip fields were showing in the series menu under the tooltips subheading.
9061 Fixed an issue where multi layer GIS map charts were breaking.
8338 Fixed an issue where values shown in the automated insights' narratives that were being formatted by ref code where showing raw values instead of the formatted values.
8647 Resolved an issue that was causing a null pointer error when a plugin for a data transformation step was missing.
8061 Added a warning in Assisted Insights when data aggregation is changed.
8426 Added a warning prompt when deleting fields from the view which are being used by Assisted Insights.
8505 Deal with a scenario where there are no inList narratives
8335 Fixed a bug so that Auto Analysis charts are now generated in the report builder.
8589 Fixed a scrollbar issue in the configuration popup for white space inline transformations.
8804 Fixed an error in reports with trends that occured when exporting dashboard.
8587 Fixed an issue in Firefox where sometimes scrollbars would appear on the transformations page.Also fixed an issue where inline transforms list would not scroll on overflow.
8566 Fixed an issue in which when adding inline transformations to a step, the data preview panel retains scroll position.
8462 Fixed an issue so that alerts are generated when Advanced Function is created or updated.
7989 Fixed an issue to display the close button in the auto analysis panel on the chart page.
8388 Fixed an issue to hide the Insights button in the chart builder for Cross Tab reports. Also show warning when switching to Cross Tab and there are auto insights charts involved.
8063 Fixed an issue where date ranges were missing in auto chart narratives.
8726 Fixed an issue where segmented auto charts with dimension colours were not showing trend tooltips, and instead showing 'data unavailable'.
8677 Fixed an issue where the insights panel was not closing when switching sub tabs on Dashboards.
7712 Fixed an issue where tooltip hot spots for a trend were not in the correct spot for a multi metric split scatter chart. Also fixed an additional issue where the field menu to add a trend was not always on the correct field for a multi metric split scatter chart.
8733 Fixed an issue where transformation step name and description input fields would disappear if their values were empty.
8764 Fixed functionality to make the date format consistent in the Assisted Insight narrative for all chart types.
7992 Fixed sorting issues related to Assisted Discovery in which sorting was done by data order instead of series order.
7657 Removed the 'Auto Analyze' tooltip option from cross tab charts.
8296 Resolved an issue where a user tagged in content for the primary org had comments displaying in Timeline when logged into a client org.
Yellowfin BI 7.4 - build 20171031
7.4 October 31, 2017 - first release
Published: 31 Oct, 2017

No change logs provided with the first release, checkout the release notes below. 

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