Master Change Log: 7.4 October through current version

Below you will find the running change logs for v7.4. We will update this knowledge base article each month that a release is available for download with the corresponding logs. To download the latest available versions login to the Yellowfin website here, Portal login access...

Latest Release Change Log updates:

Yellowfin BI 7.4 - build 20180313
7.4 February End of Month Patch
Published: 14th March, 2018 

Resolved Issues: 1

10027Upgrading to 7.4 from previous major releases caused secured content folders to lose it's members


Yellowfin BI 7.4 - build 20180226
7.4 January End of Month Patch
Published: 26 February, 2018

Enhancements: 14

9646Started rebranding the project, changed the login page, headers, footers, and favicons and changed izpack's splash screen.
9495Added an option that will allow reports that have drill anywhere pass the selected drill anywhere values to every basic sub-query in a report
9382Created a new Parameter implementation called PasswordParameter
9380Added configuration parameters for Data Transformations, to web.xml.
9360Improved consistency of Auto Analysis insight icons
9110Simplified the task life cycle
9049Implemented R Script Transformation
8962Repository clustering alias added to Clustering Configuration
8766Pre-populate date field on report builder data discovery if there is only one available option
8382Added new analytical function "Standard Deviation from Mean"
8078User password hashing upgraded to BCrypt.
6315A new Data Transformation Step which performs Union on two sets of data
5039Added font options for the labels on treemaps
8548Fixed an issue so that if there is a child report which is created from a parent report and if the results of parent report are truncated then same message will be shown in the child report also.

Resolved Issues: 100

9524Fixed an issue that editing published transformation in Summary window
9827Fixed a bug which was breaking Steps which don't need any config to generate fields
Fixed a problem when connecting a step with space in any field's name to an output step, it would throw oh no error
Fixed an issue in the transformation flow that caused a field to disappear 
Fixed an issue that caused a data type mismatch when updating a table in SQL Server from ETL
9600Fixed an issue that allowed users to publish incomplete transformations
9561Fixed an issue where Javascript charts more than 3000 characters long had new lines appearing where they weren't before
9541Fix related to case sensitive database columns
9527Fixed the dynamic timestamp filters for MDX reports
9524Fixed an issue that editing published transformation in Summary window throws
9510Fixed an issue that doing data profile in view has an infinite loop
Fixed the issue of NPE when dragging out a field with advanced function,
Fixed an issue where sub tabs sometimes wrapped around to a new line
9450Fixed an issue that upgrading from 7.4 Dec to Jan failed
9437Fixed incorrect standard deviation when comparing metrics in Instant Insights
9434Compare Dates is now working
9432Fix problem running Insights in report builder
9410If a source step's fields are moved around before executing a Partial Run on its target step, cached source data gets positioned properly so that it corresponds to the fields in the source step
9395Resolved an issue where placing a field with no values
9377Display raw numeric values in Filter Step
9375enable moving views and transformations to the other folder
9356Issues with Session Replication addressed
9346No more NPE on compare metrics
9354OLAP Text fields now converted to Date/Time using converters
9341Fixed a problem with reports that have both UNION and APPEND subqueries
9337Fixed an error that allowed Client Organisation users who can modify themes to modify Primary Organisation themes
9331The precision option was being used wrongly to set the row limit during execution
9318Fixed an issue where edit comment didn't work in timeline
9316Fixed an issue where editing polls in timeline didn't allow attaching polls
9277Fixed an issue where auto chart matching was not setting problem fields correctly
9276Display filter logic for 3rd party report
9202Added options for UTF-8 with and without BOM when exporting report to CSV
9190Fixed issue where attaching content overlapped some buttons
9179Add performance improvements to validating calculated fields created on some sub query reports
9176Fixed problem where charts were not being sorted Alphanumerically
9124Fixed an issue where editing between date filters and leaving values unchanged caused an error
9176Fixed problem where charts were not being sorted Alphanumerically
9124Fixed an issue where editing between date filters and leaving values unchanged caused an error
9123Different message for section
9119Smart Analysis with group fields is now working
9103Fixed an issue where histograms would break if one of the colour values was null
9086Fixed a cross site scripting vulnerability for dashboards
9085Fixed problem in the user profile editor where changing the users own password did not
9072Fixed an issue where ovelay charts would not display all of the series in it's legend
9066Null and empty values on tooltips now appear as NULL and EMPTY, and are translated to different languages.
9065On Tree map charts that only have the metric field added, the tooltip now displays the category label as the title and the value appears by itself below.
9059Fixed an issue where null values in a Raster Map dataset would cause the map to not generate
9041Fixed an issue where suppress duplicates was not working correctly
9039Changed the activity stream to hold scroll position when a new comment is added
9021The map chart legend tooltips now show the metric label as title and the intervals below it
9007Added date pickers for date and timestamp parameter filters on dashboard
8949Replace null values with "Empty Value" string
8858Fixed problem with Variance value being incorrect in Instant Insight narratives
8793Fixed an issue where bookmarks would be lost on a report with view level filters
8741Fixed NullPointerException, which probably caused an issue with saving draft reports
8683Trends on chart have been fixed such that when hovering over trend points only the trend data is shown
8653Support SQL Server repository on case-sensitive collations
8582Hide comments and activity stream on Timeline, Storyboard, Reports, Dashboard and Browse Page when 'Hide Comments' role is enabled
8541Fixed inability to show view summary when there is a problem generating the view sql
8514No more empty Auto Analysis panel and message is shown to the user
8468Heat grids are now being generated only with up to 40 vertical values, or 15 single field horizontal values, or 12 multiple field horizontal values. If any of these limits are exceeded a Treemap is generated.
8448Pre defined and SQL are now listed in Key Variable section
8437User can change the themes if he has write access to those themes and the themes are in the client org of the user's group
8399Calculating the difference with rounded numbers, correct the result
8318Addition of a new colour for GISGEOMETRY fields
8270Fixed problem with incorrect narratives in certain situations
8179Add the third and fourth dimensions into both top N explanation and min max explanation.
8170Filled out all absent (undefined) narratives
8161Fixed problem with explanations not distinguishing between different metrics
8089Prevented an exception when data did not match the date format supplied when converting text to dates or timestamps in the view
8087Co-display reports are now added only once when report is broadcasted to a group of people
8019Insights panel now uses HTML escapes for rendering values preventing executable javascript
7987Improved error handling for auto analysis
7935Fixed problem with retrieving data using calculated fields when using smart analysis
7859Add DATEHIERARCHY fields to dimension Fields list
7917Exclude fields which has only one Pvalue
7681Added narratives to Geo Polygons and Geo Point charts
7672Added delete permission check before showing Report 'Undo Changes'
7572On Drill Down and Drill Anywhere, the new field's name is being shown under compare dimension fields and under Fields to Analyse.
7565Addition of a message when filter values added or changed, when a filter is updated or removed, or when filter advanced options are closed.
7553Get data from GeoPack when there is a GeoPack link
7544Fix problem with Insights when there is no data available due to access filters.
7527When a report has sections, sub queries or rows, make Smart Analysis unavailable but show Smart Analysis icon (grey)
7525YEAR is now always shown when 'Select Specific Year' is selected
7517Addition of tooltip for Fields to Analyse values, and for Smart Analysis dropdowns on long field names and values.
7003Fixed an issue where linking brushing from a heat grid chart would result in an error on the linked chart.
6956Prevented a blank page being shown when you click the cross at the edit or clone view page
6924Fixed an issue where series not shown on a auto generated scatter chart were still appearing in the legend
6869When using a freehand SQL report as a view, fields are now shown in subsequent reports and view summary info
6237Fixed error when sharing reports to external email addresses
5996Addition of seconds, minutes, and hours
5890Fixed issue where field usage tab would be blank in view data profile results
5167Fixed an issue where sharing a storyboard in client org caused errors
4863Fixed problem with dashboard resizing when changing tabs
4661Fixed a vulnerability with associated reports on dashboard
9051Add a configurable setting for broadcast email content size limits
5628Fixed issue where xlsx report export would not replace fullwidth versions of illegal characters for sheet names
9150Fixed issue where calculated fields in subqueries which used other calculated fields in their formula would not be able to be imported without warnings/breaking the import
8737Fixed an issue where multiple stacked total labels would be visible on a chart based on a pivot report.
9366Smart Analysis charts are now shown in activity stream
Yellowfin BI 7.4 - build 20180104
7.4 December End of Month Patch
Published: 9th Jan, 2018

Enhancements: 4

7934 Added an option to hide the percentage value in pie chart tooltips. Found under Chart Settings > Style.
6301 Added functionality to import/export data transformation flows.
8128 Fixed a UI issue so that Data Transformation's data preview panel is now vertically resizable.
8917 Added a configure option to show formatted/raw data.

Resolved Issues: 81

8851 Fixed an issue on the charts page in which a help message gets permanently dismissed when clicking 'Got It!'.
8998 Added functionality to convert empty strings to null values when using the text to SQL date converter in the View Builder.
9148 Fixed an 'error building chart' when using trends on trellis and auto charts.
9028 Fixed an error related to a SQL syntax in the data transformation module.
9107 Fixed an error that occurred when opening the view summary popup on a Freehand report.
8451 Fixed an issue to generate an alert on grouping or updating group data when Auto Analysis exists.
9177 Fixed an issue where polls were editable after voting had commenced through the Timeline.
9324 Fixed an issue where steps such as TypeConversion and Calcs may cause field positions to be incorrect when config is updated or inlines are applied.
8716 Pass the correct reportId.
7908 Added a warning to alert users when data set is changed on Drill Through and ask whether to delete auto generated charts. Same warning is shown when user changes the Analysis Style (as it dismisses the drill through results).
7369 Added functionality that allows charts with trends to be imported from a previous version into Yellowfin 7.4.
8754 Added functionality to notify user when the selected metric only has a single value.
8813 Added validation in the report input step, when a report is changed to unsupported section or cross tab.
8880 Added validation to remove external dependencies when comparing fields that no longer exist.
5633 Enabled tooltip support for touch screen devices, and hybrid devices (that use both, mouse and touch).
8356 Fixed a bug so now geo fields cannout be selected for comparison.
8406 Fixed a bug where items exported were not being counted correctly.
8688 Fixed a bug which wasn't allowing data transformation flows to be saved if the "Unique Report Names" configuration option was enabled. The option is not applicable for transformation flows and hence it won't be available.
8853 Fixed a null pointer exception that occurred when a set analysis, that is used in a variance, returns no values.
8212 Fixed a problem related to average calculation in auto chart narratives when comparing metrics in Insights.
8839 Fixed a UI issue in the report input step in which the suggestion box would appear out of the popup when scrolling.
8734 Fixed an error that sometimes caused an uploaded file name to not be displayed properly after that file had been uploaded in a Data Transformation step.
8987 Fixed an issue in Data Transformation that caused table input steps to not get data from tables that are in a different schema.
8721 Fixed an issue in the Data Transformation module where filters without values would still be submitted.
8814 Fixed an issue in which entering some characters in username and wiping it off caused authentication problem.
8906 Fixed an issue in which new lines of SQL statements would disappear when running the SQL Input Step.
8172 Fixed an issue related to the average and standard deviation calculated in auto charts.
9016 Fixed an issue so that a warning is shown when creating a new assisted discovery with a previous one already existing.
8194 Fixed an issue so that granularity in narratives has been corrected to be consistent with that in the chart.
8409 Fixed an issue so that tooltips are now shown for JavaScript API charts and web services. They are rendered in the old style format.
8690 Fixed an issue so that when brushing over an empty space, an empty brushing tooltip appears to allow the user to reset results.
8928 Fixed an issue that caused step run time not to be updated in the run log summary pop up.
8830 Fixed an issue that caused the data preview panel to increase in size when switching between tabs.
8626 Fixed an issue to allow use of empty values when comparing dimensions in the Insight Wizard, and sort order of values.
8751 Fixed an issue to change filter values from the report input step for a report with user selected filters.
8666 Fixed an issue to disable Smart Analysis when a field is moved to a section. Also show a warning about existing analysis when field is moved to section.
8178 Fixed an issue to enable Auto Analysis functionality depending on user's roles.
8989 Fixed an issue when interacting with the date slider for a chart would cause an exception. This was linked to date fields that used a converter from text to date types.
8930 Fixed an issue where a field, whose type was changed to numeric through an advanced function, was used as a colour on an auto chart it would be treated as a dimension.
9321 Fixed an issue where deleting a transformation step which had an inline transformation preceding it, would cause the flow to run forever.
8920 Fixed an issue where dropdowns became wider in certain browsers.
8249 Fixed an issue where the auto chart's narratives would be displayed in the language that the JVM was set to, rather than the langauge sent by the web browser.
8815 Fixed an issue where Top and Left Panel series selection charts did not display the correct colour.
8689 Fixed an issued which resulted from missing input fields in the calculated field transformation step.
8719 Fixed conversion of BigDecimal to String when the header in worksheet is given as a number in the Google Sheets Connector.
8718 Fixed issue where transformations could be saved without delete access and fixed issue where access cache was not flushed after an access-level change on Transformations.
8651 Prevented an exception from occurring when running a date comparison insight on a date field because of its format.
8739 Resolved an issue where the sub plots on Auto and Trellis scatter charts could become unaligned with one another.
8834 Fixed a bug in the aggregation step because of which previously aggregated fields were being retained after the field was removed from the input step.
8877 Fixed an error that would occur when you attempt to save a report as a draft that has an empty canvas.
8897 Fixed an issue in the output transformation step in which using the Create Not Exists option would result in an error in the step after the first run.
8758 Fixed an issue in which when remapping fields in a flow, partial run was triggered until the output step, instead of running only until the target step.
8510 Fixed an issue so that Auto Analysis now works on charts with a calculated field in one of the axis.
8871 Fixed an issue so that the Refine insights button shows the previous analysis settings. The button is hidden when the data set has been changed.
7930 Fixed an issue that was causing more chart area than necessary to be allocated for horizontal labels on heat grids.
9062 Fixed an issue where a GeoPack layer with tooltip fields would not render.
8503 Fixed an issue where advanced analytical functions were throwing an error when performing Assisted Discovery.
8745 Fixed an issue where dimension meter chart tooltip fields were showing in the series menu under the tooltips subheading.
9061 Fixed an issue where multi layer GIS map charts were breaking.
8338 Fixed an issue where values shown in the automated insights' narratives that were being formatted by ref code where showing raw values instead of the formatted values.
8647 Resolved an issue that was causing a null pointer error when a plugin for a data transformation step was missing.
8061 Added a warning in Assisted Insights when data aggregation is changed.
8426 Added a warning prompt when deleting fields from the view which are being used by Assisted Insights.
8505 Deal with a scenario where there are no inList narratives
8335 Fixed a bug so that Auto Analysis charts are now generated in the report builder.
8589 Fixed a scrollbar issue in the configuration popup for white space inline transformations.
8804 Fixed an error in reports with trends that occured when exporting dashboard.
8587 Fixed an issue in Firefox where sometimes scrollbars would appear on the transformations page.Also fixed an issue where inline transforms list would not scroll on overflow.
8566 Fixed an issue in which when adding inline transformations to a step, the data preview panel retains scroll position.
8462 Fixed an issue so that alerts are generated when Advanced Function is created or updated.
7989 Fixed an issue to display the close button in the auto analysis panel on the chart page.
8388 Fixed an issue to hide the Insights button in the chart builder for Cross Tab reports. Also show warning when switching to Cross Tab and there are auto insights charts involved.
8063 Fixed an issue where date ranges were missing in auto chart narratives.
8726 Fixed an issue where segmented auto charts with dimension colours were not showing trend tooltips, and instead showing 'data unavailable'.
8677 Fixed an issue where the insights panel was not closing when switching sub tabs on Dashboards.
7712 Fixed an issue where tooltip hot spots for a trend were not in the correct spot for a multi metric split scatter chart. Also fixed an additional issue where the field menu to add a trend was not always on the correct field for a multi metric split scatter chart.
8733 Fixed an issue where transformation step name and description input fields would disappear if their values were empty.
8764 Fixed functionality to make the date format consistent in the Assisted Insight narrative for all chart types.
7992 Fixed sorting issues related to Assisted Discovery in which sorting was done by data order instead of series order.
7657 Removed the 'Auto Analyze' tooltip option from cross tab charts.
8296 Resolved an issue where a user tagged in content for the primary org had comments displaying in Timeline when logged into a client org.
Yellowfin BI 7.4 - build 20171031
7.4 October 31, 2017 - first release
Published: 31 Oct, 2017

No change logs provided with the first release, checkout the release notes below. 

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