SQL Anywhere DB required driver for installation

If you're looking to install Yellowfin into Sybase SQL Anywhere, you'll want to obtain the most recent 'jconn4.jar' and follow the steps in the following knowledge base article: How to add Database JDBC Drivers to the Installer.

Why is this being mentioned? Because for the most recent SQL Anywhere versions,  this file is no longer included in the SQL Anywhere setup, as its replaced by a new driver, 'sajdbc4.jar', and Yellowfin requires use of 'jconn4.jar' when choosing 'Sybase SQL Anywhere/IQ' as the Database Type to install into.

The second reason this is mentioned is because 'jconn4.jar' is now officially included in a different product: SAP SDK for ASE 16, which is not publicly available. Also, when purchasing SQL Anywhere, purchasers will not get access to ASE SDK, and therefore will not be able to use SQL Anywhere as the repository database. As such, hopefully this is helpful to mention as a source where to look for the required driver.

If you have any further questions or concerns on this, please reach out to Yellowfin Support for assistance.

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