Restricting the amount of cores that YF runs on

Here is a guide on how to achieve this:

On Linux, you can do this with:

taskset --cpu-list 0-1 ./ --option

This will start the application on cores 0 and 1, and Java will think that it is only running on a 2 core machine.

Replacing "0-1" with "0-3" will use the first 4 cores.

On Windows, you can do this with:

start /affinity 3 startup.bat

This will start up Yellowfin on the first 2 cores (The "3" is a bit mask for 2)

Replacing "3" with "F" will start on the first 4 cores.

Both these methods will restrict performance of Yellowfin as this is the equivalent of running the application on a smaller server.

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