Why does case sensitivity matter when installing Yellowfin with a PostgreSQL Database?

Why does the Yellowfin Installer fail when I try to create a PostgreSQL Database?

When performing a new install of Yellowfin that utilizes PostgreSQL as a database solution it is important to make sure that the database name is lowercase i.e. yellowfintest. If not, the installation of Yellowfin will fail.

PostgreSQL is case sensitive, preferring lowercase, and will convert a database named YellowfinTest to lowercase before creating it. Unfortunately when this occurs, the Yellowfin installer will error because Yellowfin in it's own right is case sensitive and will search for a database named "YellowfinTest" rather than "yellowfintest".

The YellowfinInstallLog will report the following:

"Caused by: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: FATAL: database"YellowfinTest" does not exist"

This is because postgreSQL has converted the YellowfinTest database to yellowfintest in order to enforce it's case sensitivity standards as seen below:

The recommended solution is to simply use lowercase names when creating postgreSQL objects. For more information please review the following article regarding the subject:


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