Replicating your Yellowfin environment

This article covers setting up a duplicate YF environment.
It's something which can be used as a dev/test environment, for testing or backup purposes.

Before you begin, you want to ensure that you have;
-A backup of your Yellowfin reposityr DB from the production environment
-Installer that matches version of Yellowfin currently in use on production
-Any custom styles/files used on production environment.
-A valid licence for this new environment

Now it's time to set it all up. 

  1.  Install the FULL version of Yellowfin that matches the production environment.
    If your production server is currently on 7.2 July, then you need to a full installation of the 7.2 July release on this new environment.
    If you're installing on the same machine as the production instance, ensure you install Yellowfin into a different patch.When it gets to create the database part of the installer, choose HSQL. 
  2.  Ensure the new instance is working correctly.
    Start the new instance, and ensure you can login and hit the 'browse' page.
  3. Stop Yellowfin
  4. Restore the Yellowfin DB backup you made from prod on this machine (or anywhere else that won't conflict with the prod DB) . 
  5. Open the web.xml and update the connection details to point to the restored DB.
  6. Start Yellowfin.

You should now be using a fresh install of Yellowfin, but looking at data which matches the current production data, though completely separate. 
This is a perfect environment for testing changes/upgrades before rolling them onto prod.

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