Yellowfin is unable to start after upgrade to latest java version?

We have noticed a couple of issues recently where Yellowfin is unable to start after performing a Java upgrade.

It seems that the latest Java upgrade may be disabling/removing older versions of java. The Yellowfin startup scripts point to a specific Java version, which is chosen at installation time. So, if that java installation is removed from the server, Yellowfin will not be able to start.

If anyone reports this issue, they will need to update their Yellowfin installation to point to their new Java installation folder. This will vary depending on OS - on Windows it is usually located in a folder underneath C:\Program Files\Java\

Once they have located the appropriate Java installation folder (which may be a "jdk" or "jre" folder), they need to edit the startup scripts to match.

For Windows, edit the Yellowfin/appserver/bin/catalina.bat file and change the JRE_HOME value.

For Mac/Linux, edit the Yellowfin/appserver/bin/ file and change the JRE_HOME value.

For Windows when using a system service, run the Tomcat Service settings program (as explained in this post), and change the "Java Virtual Machine" option on the Java tab.

Hope this helps and let us know if we can help...

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