How to roll back Yellowfin to a previous version

Rolling back Yellowfin really just means, downgrading Yellowfin to a previous version. 

This is something you would want to do only if you have experienced an issue with your upgrade, and you need to restore everything back to it's previous state asap.
Before performing a roll back it's recommended you reach out to to ensure this is your best option to move forward. 

It's also important to take note of any schedules that may have been missed since rolling back, as these schedules will run on initial start after rolling back.

To roll back you need to:

  • Restore the Yellowfin DB backup made prior to the upgrade.
    This is all done via the DBMS, or by your DBA. 
    If you are using HSQL, a backup of the DB happens automatically during the upgrade, and is found in the Yellowfin\Backup\ yfpatch-\ file.
  • Restore the Yellowfin ROOT folder backup made prior to the upgrade.
    The ROOT folder is actually backed up as part of the upgrade process and is found under the Yellowfin\Backup\ folder. It will be named in the format \yfpatch-\ file.

Once you have successfully rolled back, you can reach out to Yellowfin Support to get your upgrade issue resolved. 

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