What happened to 7.3+ (aka 7.3 Plus) ?

What happened to 7.3+ ? 

The short answer is , Yellowfin 7.3 swallowed it whole, and 7.3 now includes all features from 7.3+.
This means upgrading anything to 7.3 (Sept release – made available on 28/09/2017) is actually upgrading to 7.3+ , but we will now just refer to it as 7.3.

How does this impact me?

It’s the same as going from 7.3 to 7.3+, so just be aware of the new features included with 7.3+ and also upgrade best practices.
It also means that going forward, there will only be 1 patch for 7.3.
A quick list of new 7.3+ features are below, however a detailed list can be found here
Java Script chartsImport/Export revamp,...many chart improvements. 

How do I know which version I am using?

Check your info.jsp .
7.3 means you are using the 7.3 release, and have not yet upgraded to Sept 2017.
7.35 means you have already upgraded to 7.3+. This will remain 7.35 post Sept 2017.

Why did this happen?

It really came down to being extra ambitious with our 7.3 release, and what was meant to be a 7.3 Nov 2016 release, turned into 2 releases, the 2nd half being delivered early 2017 as 7.3+.

We are extremely sorry for all the confusion and have made promises to never do this again.
As usual, any concerns, feedback on this, or anything else, please reach out to us!

That David from Support

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