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Ability to set default value based on SQL query

Awaiting Reply Jenny K. Report Builder Comments: 8 Reply 25 minutes ago by Mark M.
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1 vote

External Libraries in Code Mode

Awaiting Reply Renato M. Dashboards Comments: 16 Reply 14 hours ago by Eric H.
3 votes

JavaScript API

Awaiting Reply Zack W. Integration Comments: 61 Reply 16 hours ago by Sharwari I.
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remove information access in a dashboard portlet

In Progress Drew G. System Configuration Comments: 9 Reply 4 days ago by D G.
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Auto generate report name

Completed Heng Y. Broadcast & Report Export Comments: 16 Reply 4 days ago by Hari T.
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API to edit report contents

Idea Logged Emily Z. Integration Comments: 3 Reply 10 days ago by Eric H.
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Dashboard Code Mode Label Changes

On Hold Renato M. Dashboards Comments: 5 Reply 17 days ago by Renato M.
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