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How To Center a Table and Chart

Idea Logged Larry B. Report Builder Comments: 8 Reply 40 days ago by Mark M.
3 votes

Sorting a Vertical Stacked Column chart and Legend

Answered Ryan K. Chart Builder Comments: 5 Reply 43 days ago by Chris M.
1 vote

Export story for import on another environment

Idea Logged YF D. Stories & Storyboard Comments: 3 Reply 43 days ago by Mark M.
3 votes

Avatar visualization error

Defect Logged Jordan R. Integration Comments: 12 Reply 43 days ago by Chris M.
2 votes

Transformation flow time value adds decimals

Awaiting Reply Ticout S. Data Transformation Comments: 39 Reply 44 days ago by Chris M.
1 vote

Store and it's customers on a map

Answered Dermot G. Report Builder Comments: 3 Reply 46 days ago by Dermot G.
1 vote

YF Mobile SSO Login

Idea Logged Jasper D. Mobile Comments: 5 Reply 50 days ago by Deepak C.
1 vote

Grouped Data: type mismatch

Defect Logged Dean F. Report Builder Comments: 6 Reply 51 days ago by Dean F.
1 vote

Date conversion as European Standard

In Progress Sagar V. Administration Comments: 2 Reply 52 days ago by Sagar V.
3 votes
1 vote

Report Broadcast monitoring

Answered Ryan K. Broadcast & Report Export Comments: 4 Reply 54 days ago by Ryan K.
1 vote
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