Aggregate text column?

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I am trying to build a report that shows our users and a list of their permissions.

On our DB, we have a unique record for each user permission.

So the report would look something like:

User1 | Incident Management

User1 | Change Management

User1 | Asset Management

User2 | Incident Management

User2 | Change Management

When I would like it to look like...

User1 | Incident Management; Change Management; Asset Management

User2 | Incident Management; Change Management

I found this post that seemed to be what I needed:

Aggregate a text column | Community (

I made a function in custom-functions.xml but it doesn't work and I am wondering if I have used the wrong syntax (we're using SQLServer while the example in the link above uses MySQL).

    <name>Group Concat, SQLServer</name>

Any help with working this out would be much appreciate, thanks for your time! :)

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(Apologies! This question can be closed. Upon looking further, it's not actually SQL being used despite the error saying 552 SQL error. The correct one for what I wanted was LISTAGG.)

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