Write data back to the database via a webform

VisionBI | Jurgen shared this idea 2 years ago
Not Planned

Users are hooked to Excel to keep data and alter it. But why not maintain that data in Yellowfin? For instance a salesbudget of store information. When it's possible to insert/update/delete the data in a table via a webform, then there is less need for Excel sheets.

For instance via this: https://fancygrid.com/samples/edit/form

Maybe it could be integrated in the new 7.4 ETL module as a webform component?

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Thanks for the feedback Jurgen. hope you had a good weekend!

I hear what you're saying, and something that has been discussed in the past. Unfortunately at this point in time YF will remain to focus on BI reporting, and not delve to deep into data manipulation.

We have just got our toes wet with the new Data Transformation, and something we will continue to invest time in, though no plans to manipulate existing data directly.

...if we do get more of a demand for this, we will definitely revisit.

Sorry for the bad news on this!




Hi David,

thank you for your reply. I hope it gets enough votes :-)

I was hoping this was easy to integrate with the new Data Transformation option within Yellowfin 7.4, it would really be something that makes Yellowfin unique.

Maybe third parties are able to build such a feature?




"Maybe third parties are able to build such a feature?"

Yes we can help.

We are open to be hired for such task.


I am CTO at FancyGrid.

For us it would very pleased to have such cool client as Yellowfin.