System managed multilanguage (HTML) Text widgets (feature request)

Richard Wolters shared this idea 2 years ago
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We have a multiple client-org setup where different languages are used. We like the functionality of the HTML Text widget however this can't be reused and is not part of the 'translation file'.

Like the reference codes, it would be a great to manage a set of text/html widgets centrally (in the primary and or each client-org) . Every widget could get a unique identifier and an option to define the content per language (text, html). On a dasboard or a report these widget could then be reused again and again.

Practical example: we have some 'help-texts' for some of our reports and dashboard where the consumer can find descriptions of certain values, formulas etc. For every report/dashboard where that same kind of content is used we now have to create new text widgets (not to mention the struggle with the multi languages)

I hope this makes sense.

If you have any questions please let me know!

Kind regards,

Richard Wolters

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Hi Richard,

Thanks for reaching out to support with your issue. We have an existing task in our developer platform that aims to resolve this lack of translations for text widgets. I've gone ahead and added your organization as an affected client, and attached this ticket to the task. This enhancement has a priority of "highest" at this time, so hopefully this functionality will be implemented soon. I will in turn mark this ticket as Idea Logged at this time. Feel welcome to reply here with any related inquiries.




Hi Eric,

you can add us as an affected organization, too. Any information on the status of this idea?

Best regards,



Hi Ingo,

Sure thing, I've got your organization logged against this task. ID here is YFN-18511, you can ask to have this prioritized through an account manager if needed.



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