Export file type selection at report creation

Dennis Thornton shared this idea 2 months ago
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As it stands we have the option to assign what type of file format can be reported at Default level, we can also assign what we want to appear as an export option at configuration level for Roles, however by doing so this is not unique to specific Reports.

We would like the idea to have each individual report have a specific report file type export option that would suit the report needs.


For example, we have a report with 15 columns; there is no way that it will render correctly as PDF, and we only want to provide CSV/Excel as the export option. We have another report with four columns that displays beautifully in PDF/DOCX/CSV/EXCEL, so we want all options present.

Flexibility with setting this at Report level would be ideal.

Examples of what we could implement are as follows:



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Hi Dennis,

I hope all is well,

I have gone ahead and requested this with our Development Team. I will update you as and when I can.



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