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Formatting a report with charts

Defect Logged JonT Broadcast & Report Export Comments: 8 Reply 4 hours ago by Simon K.
1 vote

How to retain word wrap in excel broadcast

Awaiting Reply Sameer P. Broadcast & Report Export Comments: 1 Reply 5 hours ago by Jared H.
1 vote

Add ability to use Chart Functions in the Tool Tip section

Idea Logged Sam Chart Builder Comments: 3 Reply 13 hours ago by Mike S.
1 vote

Create Broadcasts to Dashboards

Completed Sofia R. Broadcast & Report Export Comments: 10 Reply 14 hours ago by Mark M.
1 vote

cannot see new oracle tables

Resolved Daya N. Data Sources Comments: 5 Reply 30 hours ago by Neal D.
1 vote

Import feature not working

Awaiting Reply Philipp U. Administration Comments: 4 Reply 36 hours ago by Mike S.
1 vote

Could not export dashboard

Resolved Philipp U. Administration Comments: 6 Reply 36 hours ago by Mike S.
2 votes

Using combined data from View in Transformation Flow

Awaiting Reply Daya N. Data Transformation Comments: 1 Reply 43 hours ago by Chris M.
1 vote

Make information pages visible to Admin users only

Idea Logged Dean J. Administration Comments: 1 Reply 2 days ago by Neal D.
2 votes
6 votes

Google Sheet connector not connecting

Defect Logged Casper B. Data Sources Comments: 16 Reply 5 days ago by Neal D.
2 votes

Multiple aggregations on a single column

Answered Julius A. Report Builder Comments: 5 Reply 5 days ago by Lesley G.
1 vote
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