Website Portal Changes Phase 1

This article covers the portal changes (aka YF website login) implemented in phase 1 (of 4) which will go live on Jan 15th, and will impact all users logging into the YF website. If you don’t have a portal account (nor login) this article does not apply to you.

Note: If needing a portal login please reach out to your CSM or contact support using your business email.

Quick Overview:

  • Okta account linked with YF Portal
  • Portal Navigation Changes
  • Revamp of License and Release pages

Further Details:

One account to rule them all

Your login account is now tied to Okta, meaning that a single account can now launch you into the YF Portal and will carry across to online resources (Licensing, University, Marketplace, Downloads)
Note: Community accounts are still separate, and while you may opt to use the same email/pwd, it does still require a separate login process via the community directly.

Accessing the Portal / Logging in

Logging in and accessing the portal is done via the Portal Homepage. Start by going to the portal page via the ‘Portal’ button in the top right.

You will now be at the Portal homepage.

On this page, you can login via the ‘Sign In’ button in the top-right or button under ‘My Portal’

Clicking 'Log In' will either prompt you with an Okta login box or log you in if an existing session has been detected.


From the Portal homepage, you will be able to access all installers (full/upgrades), Marketplace, My Portal (for license management) along with quick links via the top nav bar to other platforms (University, Wiki, Community, YF Main Site)

Note: You will not be able to access My Portal, Marketplace or Upgrade file downloads without first logging in.

License Management

We will no longer be allowing anyone outside of Yellowfin to create licenses. If you need a licenses you will need to request a license from a member of our team. We are working on additional channels to request licenses, for now please use the 'Request License' button in the example below. If you have a pop-up blocker in place, you can email direct to

If you are familiar with the old UI then not too much has changed. You will be able to access existing issued license details, filter/sort, and search.

Yellowfin Releases

The releases page has been revamped providing access to all official releases and release details.

1. Filter Major Release
2. Filter Minor Release
3. Release version
4. Major Release
5. Minor Release
6. Published Date
7. If release was re-published, the re-publish count
8. Exe Full installer
9. Exe Update installer (you will not have access to download if not logged in)
10. Jar Full installer
11. Jar Update installer (you will not have access to download if not logged in)
12. Checksum
13. WSDL file download
14. Link to wiki release notes

Yellowfin Marketplace

This page remains the same as it was, no changes here.

Phase 2 and onwards

Over the coming months we will implement further changes;

  • License creation form
  • Background process synchronization across multiple platforms aligning system/account events
  • Sales resource revamp
  • Release API access

For any questions on the current/upcoming changes, or would just like to provide feedback, please reach out to the support team.

The Yellowfin Team

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