How Do I Login to Yellowfin University?

There are two ways to gain access to the Yellowfin University: 

1. If you have a Yellowfin Portal login, go to our website and login with your credentials and select the University icon on the Support page. Or, you can go directly to the University site and select login. Here, you will have an option to login using your Yellowfin Portal details. Login here.

If you are having issues logging into the Yellowfin website with your account details, please see the following article: Cannot login to the Yellowfin website

Once you login to the Yellowfin website portal, you will see a new landing page image. Select 'Start' to be directed to the University site. 

2. If you DO NOT have a Yellowfin Portal login, that is okay as we want everyone who is interested in learning about Yellowfin to have access to our technical training classes. Go to and select Login. From there, click the Register link (see above image) and you will be asked to create a user account. 

To read a bit more about Yellowfin University, go here: What is Yellowfin University?

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