How to reset your portal login account used for the Yellowfin website

This article applies to users with login accounts to the Yellowfin website ( If you do not have a login, please see the following article 'How to get a login'
If you are receiving the message 'The email address is not known on the system', the login details provided do not match an account in our system, so you will need to get a login account. 

To reset your password, you will need to enter an incorrect password x3. 
With the 4th attempt, you will get a 'Click 'here' to reset your password' option.

Clicking on 'here' will get you this pop up:

Enter your email address, and Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy), then hit 'confirm'

Note: If your date of birth is incorrect your password will not be reset. If you believe your date of birth has been entered incorrectly in our system, please contact your YF account manager to rectify this situation.

If successful, then you will receive a confirmation window:

You should then receive an email with your temporary password.

Now you can login and reset your password:

You should now be able to login.

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