Yellowfin 9.11 has been published

Mark McGuire shared this announcement 15 days ago

Yellowfin 9.11.0 20240206 is now available on our Yellowfin Releases page.

You can also find our OAS builds below:

Please see here for additional information with accessing.

This release includes a large list of items, including;

  • 39 Defects resolved.
  • 8 Enhancements implemented.
  • Improvements implemented to assist with better loading time of the Browse Page.
  • Resolved an issue with license breaches by preventing a breach if the license refresh process was interrupted by a repository database timeout.
  • Users can now add custom filename for dashboard and presentation PDF exports;
  • Upgraded Data Source Connections UI for a better user experience;

Release notes for this can be found here.

As always, we welcome feedback and questions on our latest release.

The Yellowfin Team

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