Yellowfin 9.12 has been published - Patch Release

Mark McGuire shared this announcement 25 days ago

Yellowfin 9.12 20240626 is now available on our Yellowfin Releases page.

Yellowfin 9.12 is an extensive release that incorporates a large number of bug fixes and Customer requested enhancements. The biggest changes in this release focus on Export and Broadcast capabilities. Yellowfin already boasts exceptional reporting capabilities, 9.12 adds additional features and performance improvements.

9.12 continues our recent theme of improving the overall user experience by streamlining and modernizing the UI. In this release we have refined aspects of the Browse Page to reduce the number of clicks when searching for content, as well as making improvements to Charts and other areas of the UI.

See our Release Highlights here.

You can find our OAS builds below:

Release notes can be found here.

As always, we welcome feedback and questions on our latest release.


We have since released 20240701, release notes can be found here.
You can find our OAS builds below:

The Yellowfin Team

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