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Yellowfin GUI Translation

On Hold Yilmaz K. Administration Comments: 7 Reply 40 days ago by Ankit A.
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Store and it's customers on a map

Answered D G. Report Builder Comments: 3 Reply 42 days ago by Eric H.
1 vote

Browse page doesn't load. Console gives a 500 error code

Completed Rob S. Performance Comments: 24 Reply 43 days ago by YF D.
1 vote

Formula for percentage from categorical data

Answered Livia Chart Builder Comments: 3 Reply 44 days ago by Eric H.
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Issue with upgrade of YF 7.35 to 9.8

Completed Hans v. Installation & Upgrades Comments: 2 Reply 49 days ago by Eric H.
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Use Multiple Primary Metrics for Report Summaries

Not Planned Andrew Report Builder Comments: 1 Reply 49 days ago by Mark M.
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Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'WITH'.

Completed Tiago View Builder Comments: 11 Reply 50 days ago by Ricki G.
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JS API v3 - Incorrect https to http routing

Completed Geisson Integration Comments: 17 Reply 50 days ago by Chris M.
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Advanced E-Mail Template

Idea Logged Daniel B. Administration Comments: 23 Reply 53 days ago by Mark M.
10 votes

How to put an ORDER BY into the SQL of a report?

Completed Alex K. Report Builder Comments: 18 Reply 54 days ago by Deepak C.
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