Drill Reset to act as an overall (master) reset for reports with linked reports

Mark McGuire shared this idea 3 months ago
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As it stands when using Drill Reset that is linked to another Report, it will NOT reset linked Reports.

From what we can see, this is a case of one thinking that the 'Drill Reset' acts like an overall (master) reset to get the Report and Linked Report back to it's original state, not just resetting individual Drill's opened with how it currently works.

The only only way to achieve this is by using the 'Drill Up' of which this will eventually get the Report AND the Linked Report back to it's original state, however, the issue that we see lies with one expecting that the the option to select 'Drill Reset' will result in the reset of not only the main Report, but also the Linked Report, which this is not the case.

We want to have some better and understandable tooltips/options while navigating with the Drilling.

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