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Calculate Mean and Median

Completed Frank C. Report Builder Comments: 3 Reply 25 days ago by Siddartha P.
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List of reports and ownership

Completed Jen Administration Comments: 16 Reply 29 days ago by barekus a.
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How to edit Report Bookmark?

Idea Logged Jan.Zacharjasiewicz Dashboards Comments: 8 Reply 29 days ago by Jan.Zacharjasiewicz
1 vote

Option to Edit Bookmarks

Idea Logged Eric H. Administration Comments: 4 Reply 30 days ago by Eric H.
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Ability to set Preferred Language in Bulk User Import

Idea Logged Gawie H. Administration Comments: 7 Reply 35 days ago by Chris M.
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JWT Login

Completed Eduardo A. Security Comments: 10 Reply 37 days ago by Sharwari I.
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Extend BigQuery Data Source Parameters

Completed Ingo K. Chart Builder Comments: 2 Reply 41 days ago by Siddartha P.
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Define Email Template width

Completed Tony U. Broadcast & Report Export Comments: 4 Reply 41 days ago by Sharwari I.
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Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'WITH'.

Completed Tiago View Builder Comments: 13 Reply 43 days ago by kiricowell
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How to chart calculated aggregate fields?

Idea Logged Stephen J. Report Builder Comments: 23 Reply 45 days ago by Mark M.
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